Table for One

In which I make a commitment to make real meals for myself while the hubs is away at training (#2).

I am determined to keep eating real and balanced meals while the hubs is away, despite my tendency to get into a rut of quesadillas and pasta — or, worse, chips and beer. As you can see from my meal plan, I am starting with some comfort food mac & cheese. (To my credit, I’m trying to make it a bit more balanced by adding ham and broccoli.)

I’ll be looking for ways to use my leftovers as I continue to work on wasting less food. I think that these Smoky Chicken Corn Cakes might be making an appearance on a meal plan soon. (Click on the photo for the recipe.) I can cook the chicken ahead of time in the crock pot and use shredded chicken in a variety of meals.

I will be eating a few prepared frozen foods, but my goal is really to keep cooking for myself. I will be striving to keep the kitchen counters clear enough that cooking will be fun. I have my ipod dock and playlists all ready to go for a little extra momentum on nights when I need it.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Table for One

  1. Good luck darling!

    Don’t forget about chicken salad, salad with a special cheese (I prefer goat), SOUPS, and my personal favorite frozen buffalo chicken strips! Oh wait…

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