Jan. 1, 2011 to Sept. 28, 2013

This is my second 101 in 1001, the first list I focused my goals towards grace and joy. Grand totals for this effort:

Completed (and completed in effect): 54/101
In Progress: 20/101
Untouched: 27/101

274 Blog posts


1. Donate to prom and suit drives – In Progress

2.  Make real meals for myself while the hubs is away at training – Completed 4/6/11

3. Work on my posture for three months – Not Attempted
4. Spend three months working on wasting less food – In Progress

5. Have a meal prep day to make some freezer-ready back-up meals – Completed 2/5-6/11

6. For nine non-consecutive months, buy only one high-quality item of clothing – Completed in Effect

7. Open an IRA and reallocate retirement savings – Completed 1/2013

8. Send at least one letter or card per month for six months running – In Progress

9. Take photos of daily life for six months in order to become more mindful – Completed

10. Find and frequent a farmer’s market  – Not Attempted
11. Check insurance inventory yearly and update if needed – In Progress

12. Keep a food-sleep-exercise-headache calendar for three months – In Progress

13. Work on recognizing and neutralizing anxious moments for three months – Not Attempted
14. Go to a cardiologist for a check-up – Completed 6/27/13
15. Create a schedule for reviewing credit reports, follow for two years – Completed in Effect

16. Donate to two patriotic causes  – Not Attempted
17. Reach 150 hours on the wii fit – Completed in Effect

18. Open a store credit card – Completed 1/29/11

19. Actively work on negativity for three months – Not Attempted
20. Find a general practice doctor and dentist and have initial appointments – In Progress
21. Take a home-buying class or seminar – Completed 3/24/12

22. Do something active with the hubs once a week for six months  – Not Attempted

23. Update our joint finances to start a someday-kids fund, among others – Completed 1/24/11

24. Complete two sets of note cards from my stash – In Progress

25.Get a passport with my semi-new last name – Completed 2/2012

26. Make sure I’m up to date on all immunizations –  Completed 5/2013
27. Increase retirement savings – Completed 2/2013
28. Work on a routine to make the most of the hubs’ planned writing time – In Progress

29. Stretch out before bed three nights a week for three months – In Progress
30. Have a no-stuff month where I buy only groceries, gas, and experiences – Not Attempted
31. Read five books about the adoption process – In Progress

32. Make monthly mission goals and complete six months of one calendar year on time – Completed 12/2012

  • There are so many posts on this goal that I pulled them into a separate page.
  • Or you could just look at the overview of my monthly missions here.

33. Get our stuff in order and talk to a financial planner – In Progress

34. Spend a weekend going through all my clothes and purge/donate – Not Attempted

35. Wash dishes directly after every meal for two months – Not Attempted
36. Find a tailor I trust and clear out any pending alteration needs – In Progress
37. Create an emergency information kit and store online with the insurance inventory – Not Attempted
38. Create an organization and regular back-up system for my computer – In Progress
39. Find a place for everything we own – In Progress

40. Reduce usage of chemical cleaners – Completed

41.Make the bed every day for three months – Completed 8/12

42. Write over 550 posts on this blog – In Progress

43. Get proper carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers – Completed 1/26/11

44. Pick up for ten minutes every morning for three months – In Progress
45. Finish my photo book documenting my first 101 – In Progress

46. Get my car washed and vacuumed at least once a year for each year on my list – Not Attempted
47. Attempt to cut down on the cursing — count for one month, then work on reducing for three – Not Attempted

48. Get CPR certified – Not Attempted
49. Decorate all rooms in our new place – Completed 10/29/11 and 12/2013

50. Donate to two non-patriotic causes – Completed 10/12/12


51. Go get my hair done for an event or occasion – Completed 11/7/12

52. Invest in three pretty but practical underwear sets – Completed 12/23/11

53. Have a date once per month for six months in a row – Completed 7/2012 – 1/2013

54. Empty all the moving boxes within three months of the move – Completed 1/2013

55. Prepare an extra special lunch once a week for three months – Not Attempted

56. Make homemade marshmallows to go with our homemade hot chocolate – Not Attempted
57. Get a tag from a giving tree and donate gifts – Completed 11/27/11

58. Create a weekend morning routine — work for six months to establish – Not Attempted
59. Go to the movies five times with the hubs – Completed 7/2011

60. Comment on friends’ blogs at least once per week for the entire list – Completed in Effect

61. Visit my new nephew – Completed 9/17-18/11, 1/5/12, 1/12/13

62. Go on a girls’ trip — weekend or longer – Not Attempted
63. Travel out of the country again with the hubs – Completed 5/17-29/12, 8/28-9/10/13

64. Meet and try to cultivate five new friend prospects – Not Attempted
65. Have professional photos taken of the hubs and me – Completed in Effect 9/28/13
66. Go to a baseball game with the hubs
67. Visit a National Park that I’ve not been to – Completed in Effect 7/2013
68. Identify five must-visit places in our new location and visit them – In Progress

69. Join a new group/membership – Completed 5/5/12

70.See another show on Broadway – Completed 8/15/11

71. Go fruit picking – Not Attempted
72. Treat myself to a new magazine five separate times – Completed 9/2013

73. Get oven proof bowls and make five different soups – Completed 9/28/13

74. Celebrate a regular, random day – Not Attempted
75. Develop an effective 15-minute work break – Completed in Effect

76. Splurge on a pair of classic black peep-toe pumps – Not Attempted
77. Have a live Christmas tree one year – Not Attempted
78. Buy a big fancy camera and lens – Completed 12/26/2011

79. Take a photography class or lesson – Completed 3/20/12

80. Make ten new recipes and embrace the food adventure – Completed 1/2013

81. Get a plant to flourish in bedroom, office, living room — must live for three months – Completed 1/2012

82. Complete five years of my book log – Completed 1/2013

83. Eat three things I’ve never tried before – Completed 5/12

84. Make homemade hummus and pitas – Not Attempted
85. Learn to locate five new constellations and the myths behind them – In Progress

86. Get a fun new treat piece of jewelry – Completed 7/12/2013
87. Read five non-fiction books which catch my fancy – Completed 8/2011

88. Take a cooking class with the hubs
89. Do a crafty/handy project for our new home – Completed 2/21/11, 10/2013

90. Make my own Italian-style pasta – Completed in Effect
91. Keep my nails (fingers and toes) nicely painted for one month – Not Attempted
92. Buy new full size bookshelves and organize them – Completed 10/6/11, 10/2013

93. Get a manicure and pedicure — not for a wedding – Completed 6/27/11

94. Buy an article of clothing or an accessory through an independent seller or modcloth –Completed 9/29/11

95. Make and linger over a new fondue recipe – Completed 2/19/11

96. Have all Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving, allowing for one exception – Not Attempted
97. Find a new salon/stylist to be loyal to – Completed

98. Splurge on new curlers and donate unsuccessful ones – Completed 9/28/11

99. Finish my solo game of Super Mario Bros Wii – In Progress

100.Be a tourist for a weekend – Completed 7/16-17/11

101. Go camping – Not Attempted

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