February Monthly Missions

In which I decide on three new monthly missions (#32).

Somehow, it is already February, a month of gray days and little red paper hearts. Which means that it is time to decide on new monthly missions for myself.

I think these missions are going to be even more important over the next few months, as the hubs will be away at training for his new job on the weekdays. These missions will help me spend my time more productively than I might otherwise be inclined to. After all, I work from home. There’s a danger of spending all day in my pajamas, and I really want to avoid that lethargy.

So here are my missions for February:

1. Make something crafty for our new home.
I already have a project in mind for this, and I even have a location and purpose figured out as well. This mission will force me to think creatively for at least a little bit, will make use of a gift card I got for Christmas, and will help remove some clutter that we’ve been living with for the past couple of years. Win-win-win!

2. Log four hours on the wii fit.
Four hours, after all, is only eight sessions of a half hour each. That should be completely do-able, and it will be a nice way to ease into this habit again. I’ll get a new baseline for my weight and flexibility that I can work on improving.

3. Clear my clothes from the bedroom floor.
This mission will involve a small purge of clothing, reorganizing my out of season clothing, and a bit of work getting a better organization in our closet. I’ve been living with piles of clothes since we moved in, and I would like to get those cleared away so that we can have a relatively clear floor.


One thought on “February Monthly Missions

  1. Yay new missions! I can’t wait to see this craft 🙂 And I bet you have good storage space for the seasonal clothing! This is going to be exciting 🙂

    Don’t forget to treat yourself to some yummy soups this month!

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