A Challenge

It is hard to maintain motivation for my 101 project all the time. These blog challenges help keep me and my friends connected to the overarching themes of our projects, and provide a bit of a motivation boost along the way.

The most recent challenge will appear at the top of the list.

Post More: A Challenge

In January, 2012, I urged us to post more often in the month of January than we have for any single month yet this list, in the hopes that this will help us harness that new year motivation and set the tone for the 101 and our blogs for 2012.

Snapshot of Life: A Challenge

In October, 2011, Katie challenged us to take a photo of items that summarize who we are.  But let’s go a step further, and take a photo of the things that describe who we are now and one that describes who we want to be.

More crafts and creativity; Love; Increasing enjoyable travel.


I think that each small step I take towards widening my interests and experiences will lead me in directions I can’t predict. I need to remember that small steps are still STEPS.


Style. Class. Calm. Poise. Culture. Fit. Happiness.


Making it Happen: A Challenge

In September, 2011, Becky proposed that we identify ten things that we control that make life happier and more manageable, especially when negativity starts to creep in.

Get sweaty.


Laugh at myself.


 Posting regularly on the blog …


I Want: A Challenge

In August, 2011, I posed this challenge: identify five big-concept things that you want. The details of our 101 projects are all helping us attain these larger goals, these definitive ways we want to change ourselves and our lives for the better.

I want to create a home that fit us in all of our best ways, that reflects us in our best light. I want a home that is lived in, not a showroom, but one that is clean and organized enough so that I or visitors never really notice. …  I want to feel like everything fits.

– Kristen

I want to be proud of who I am.  Honest about who I am, where I’ve been, what I like, and what I believe in.  More often than not, it can be easier to keep quiet and avoid making people uncomfortable but I don’t think surrounding myself with people that I have to make comfortable is what I want.  I want to be real, jagged edges and all.

– Katie

I want to be more present in each day, each conversation, and each little moment. We only get one shot at this life and I feel that being present is so important, yet so lost on many of us.

– Becky

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