Jan. Progress

In which I hit the ground running, making progress on 11 of my goals in the first month of my new list (#1, #6, #11, #18, #19, #44, #52, #59, #85, #87, and #99).

I’ve been very excited so far to be working on my new list. January was a particularly productive month for me, despite being sick for the majority of it. In addition to my 1001, I also completed most of Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. I’ve scheduled the few remaining items on the cure so that I’ll complete them over the next few months.


But most of my energy went toward my goals here, particularly working on one area of the house. I chose to work on all of my closets for the first month. I went through each one cleaning, culling, and organizing. With help from the hubs, I upgraded one of our main closets with a workable closet system to hold our toy library and my crafting supplies. Now all the closets are ready for use, allowing me to tackle other areas in the house. I’ll be confident in what I decide to keep as I slowly find a place for everything.

I completed my new year’s change review, answering my own questions about last year in order to focus my plans for this one. I doubt I will use the same questions from year to year, but I plan to refer to my answers throughout the year to check in with myself.

I also started to collect my wardrobe maintenance kit, buying detergent to hand wash some of my sweaters and other supposedly dry-clean-only items. I requested and received a garment steamer for Christmas and I’m gathering up things that I already own to mend or replace buttons.


I printed three of my non-family photos, but have not yet hung them. I’ve been working on developing one satisfying low-cost evening break away from home and tweaking a significantly new cocktail. We added two new framed prints that came from the hub’s Nonna’s collection. Because they weren’t displayed in her house, they don’t have particularly sentimental value. We chose them for the look of them and I added frames. I’m counting both prints as one joyful addition to our home.

I maintained my meditation streak, with one make-up on a day I was sick. I ended the month with a streak of 69 days. I read five middle-grade or young adult books before bed, and two nonfiction books. I also played four new games, thanks to a bountiful Christmas on the game front.

All in all, I’m thrilled with how much progress I made last month. This month seems to be settling into a much more reasonable pace, which is not a bad thing. I’m too thinly spread to keep up last month’s breakneck pace without quickly burning out.

Quick Rundown

In which I catch up on blogging a few completed goals without a lot of documentation.

I have a few goals that were helpful, but don’t exactly make for riveting photographs or text. Like listing things on Craig’s List and donating what we didn’t sell (#6). Or recovering the house from out new windows (#20). Or placing a grocery order and having someone else pick it up (#49).


I did take the baby to a gallery walk at a museum as our first completely-for-fun outing (#83). And I suggested several new cookies for our Christmas cookie baking weekend this year (#86), with mixed success.

Selling Stuff

In which I tackle listing things on Craig’s List (#6) and prepare to donate what remains.

Craigs List CollageI have finally listed all our items on Craig’s List, so I am starting my two-week clock on this goal now.

So far, so good.  I’ll spend the next week gathering and listing the rest of the household items that we have to donate. We’ll be splitting things between the Habitat for Humanity Restore and another regular thrift store that will come pick up all of our stuff right at our house. We’ll need this especially if the coffee table doesn’t sell — it won’t fit in our cars! I’m excited to donate things to the Restore as well, since I think they will go to much better use there. We have a mix of things we’ve removed from the house — doorknobs, shelving pieces, outlet covers… The lights are all newish and perfectly fine, they just weren’t our style. So if they don’t sell on Craig’s List, hopefully someone will love them at the Restore.

So far, we’ve sold the entertainment center and the over-the-toilet shelves for a grand total of $47.  It’s not a glamorous amount, but it just happens to be about the same amount that we just spent on a nice mirror for our bedroom. That’s something I’ve been searching for since we moved in over a year ago, and I finally spotted something that works in TJ Maxx, so we pounced on it.

DSC_0096The proportions of it seem a bit odd at first, but both the hubs and I can see our whole bodies in it. It’s the only mirror in the house that the hubs can actually see the top of his head without squatting down a little bit. (The mirrors in all of the bathrooms are just a smidgen too low, but all have lighting fixtures directly above them and don’t allow for movement.)

So this goal is feeling pretty good.  Freeing up space that we need, hopefully moving things to homes where they will be used rather than trashed, and providing some extra cash for improvements we’ve been planning. I am definitely putting pressure on myself to get things as squared away in the house as possible before we start adding baby things to all of our rooms. The hubs and I had a business meeting at Starbucks and came up with a massive plan for tackling the projects we want to finish over the next four and a half months (yikes) and all the decluttering and streamlining we hope to achieve in the same time. It will be a big job, but we’re SO CLOSE in most of our spaces.  If we can just buckle down, I think we’ll enjoy our house more than we ever have before. And I made sure that each month has some fun projects mixed in with the clean-this-closet kind of work so that we will hopefully not burn out too fast.

In fact, I’m working on one of those fun projects this week as well. Hopefully I will have an update on that next week. It’s been sort of a slow start to working on this 101, but I am ready now.  Game on!