Light Reading and Lenses

In which I talk about a few new things I bought over the course of the list (#58, #70).


It turns out that I had no problem buying a few new photography-related items over the course of my list. I’ve gotten and been given a small assortment of photography magazines. They seem to be a blend of too-easy tips, some details on ways I doubt I’ll ever shoot, and useful information. But no matter the content, I’ve had fun sitting down with them off and on and taking a minute to remember why I was drawn to my big camera in the first place.

Since I bought the camera as part of my second 101 list, I’ve been really pleased with my purchase. I’ve never really wished I’d gotten a different model, even as I’ve used other people’s cameras a bit more extensively. (I may slightly wish that I’d gotten a different year, since each version adds some improvements. The version after mine is wifi capable, for example. But I can always replace the body along down the line if I decide I need a few more bells and whistles. For now, my kit is working well for me.) It’s a pleasure to pull it out with no regrets each time.


So what did I add to my gear since this list started? Turns out, a fair bit! I added a cross-body, side-mount camera strap (which allows me to bend down and pick up a baby easily without conking him in the head with a massive camera). I bought two fixed lenses, the Nikon 35mm f/1.8 and Nikon 50mm f/1.8. I’ve added a bunch of lens filters, not all pictured. And I bought a nice, small bag that looks great sitting out on our counter so that I can keep the big camera handy during our regular old life. No point in saving good pictures for special occasions.