The List

Looking for my previous lists?  You want the archive.

  1. Complete a year’s change review each new years to reflect on the previous year and plan for the next
  2. Create and complete a yearly 30 day minimalism challenge
  3. Create a wardrobe checklist and use it to review wardrobe in a fitting for each season for a year
  4. Invest in one better-quality piece per season (all other clothes purchases one-in-one-out)
  5. Go through wardrobe and get everything ready to use (clean, mended, tailored)
  6. Create a wardrobe maintenance kit and keep in closet/bath
  7. Set and complete six style-related challenges
  8. Reduce and organize cheaper necklaces for display and use
  9. Fix up my family bracelets and resize rings so that I can wear them
  10. Make my bedroom a priority for three months after an initial cleaning
  11. Spend one month per area (not necessarily room) of the house reducing, refining, deep cleaning
  12. After initial deep clean, add monthly clean/maintain routine and use for six consecutive months
  13. Add joyful items to our house five strategic times
  14. Donate items with intention to three harder places in order to do the most immediate good
  15. Decorate library walls
  16. Add minimal decorations for three non-Christmas holidays
  17. Buy three new types of houseplants and keep each alive for six months
  18. Use phone only on ultra power saving mode one day per week for three consecutive months
  19. Meditate daily for 365 consecutive days, by my streak, with five make-ups allowed.
  20. Spend ten non-consecutive weeks identifying one language trap and working to establish a more precise phrase
  21. Do 60 headspace singles sessions
  22. Complete Christmas shopping before December for one year with one exception
  23. Do ten week-long mindfulness exercises
  24. Get practical legal documents in order
  25. For six non-consecutive months, buy only essential, practical replacement items for myself
  26. Track fees for one year and review financial goals whenever I add a fee to the list
  27. Consolidate retirement accounts
  28. Save some amount towards retirement in my name for each calendar year of the list
  29. Properly use “fun money” cash with no overages for nine consecutive months
  30. Make money management schedule with calendar reminders
  31. Update insurance inventory and review insurance coverage once
  32. Increase routine saving for new car
  33. Learn to hem
  34. Donate money to three separate organizations with local impacts
  35. Use my birthday photography lessons
  36. Have professional photographs taken at home
  37. Take a photo series that captures our life in our house, including myself in the photos
  38. Finish baby book
  39. Work with the hubs to make one calendar year’s worth of monthly photo magazines
  40. Work through composition photography tutorial
  41. Learn how to best use the go pro in our everyday lives, use it regularly for a month
  42. Document Ireland trip
  43. Document Belgium/Netherlands/Paris trip
  44. Make large prints of ten of my non-family photos
  45. Set myself five month-long photography challenges to stretch my skills
  46. Complete over half of the creativity tutorial
  47. Take an individual portrait of each family member
  48. Create a post processing/culling/backup workflow and schedule
  49. Do yoga with Theo once per week for three months
  50. Complete three series on the EA Active workout program
  51. Identify five solid at-home evening breaks/resets
  52. Identify five effective low-cost away-from-home breaks/resets
  53. Identify ten varied feel-good indulgences
  54. Complete a 60 day streak on both my morning and evening routines at the same time
  55. Prioritize only myself for at least one weekend each year within practical family limitations
  56. Take a night off once a month for six consecutive months within practical family limitations
  57. Get at least two haircuts each year of the list
  58. Go through two great courses from the library/streaming
  59. Read/reread 100 juvenile/YA books before bed
  60. Document previous 101 lists
  61. Work on five bulk cooking days to prep freezer
  62. Maintain a 90 day streak for daily vitamin
  63. Play wii fit for 30 hours
  64. Ask for help in ten significant ways
  65. Take an immediate family vacation
  66. Make new baby visits to close friends and family
  67. Celebrate our anniversary each year, just the two of us
  68. Have a larger celebration for our tenth anniversary
  69. Take our blue and white outfit photos for our tenth anniversary
  70. Get a manicure and pedicure with a friend
  71. Send an update email to Christmas-card-friends each July
  72. Send birthday cards to everyone on my calendar for one year
  73. Abstain from Facebook for three months unless I have something to post
  74. Schedule and do annual reviews of social media and unfollow any drains of joy/energy
  75. Post on our family blog at least monthly for 12 consecutive months
  76. Cook 30 new recipes with the hubs
  77. Visit or Skype with each set of grandparents once per month for a year
  78. Read two grown-up books out loud
  79. Buy loose tea
  80. Make my own chai blend
  81. See a show
  82. Make ten solo slow museum trips
  83. Color in my grown up coloring book once a week for six months
  84. Listen to ten audio books
  85. Read (or listen to) 15 non-fiction books for myself
  86. Read 4 additional non-fiction books that relate to my 101
  87. Try ten significantly new cocktails at home
  88. Take a picnic to the beach
  89. Throw three surprise at-home fancy dinners
  90. Go wine tasting
  91. Get a growler to drink without an occasion three times
  92. Identify and visit six big locations/attractions/events around home
  93. Learn how to use my grandmother’s sewing machine or donate it
  94. Watch a sunrise without a camera
  95. Watch three documentaries
  96. Schedule outstanding doctor’s appointments and follow-ups
  97. Identify unfinished projects and criteria to review and prioritize or scrap them
  98. Identify three projects not entirely in my control and work the problem
  99. Play ten new games with the hubs
  100. Find five new blogs to inspire me and give them each a six month test run
  101. Initiate six stretches of my social life