Computer Organization: Gauntlet Thrown

In which I am forced to work on my computer organization (#16).

Computer full

I was recently attempting to transfer some photos off my camera when I got the above error message. My laptop — a normal laptop with a decent amount of memory — was full. I guess a few years of taking photos in two large file types at once finally caught up to me. I am not good about going through the photos. I don’t cull through the duplicates. I don’t delete the RAW files for pictures that I know I’ll never need to edit for printing. Recently, I haven’t even been organizing them very well.

So I’m on a mission to cull through all of my photos and reduce my stash. I have a lot of duplicate photos that I’ve taken for the blogs that I might not keep at all — what am I going to do with pictures of food? — and some important photos that I likely keep all of in both file types so that I can easily edit them for large prints later. After I finish with the grand clean-out, I’ll use our external hard drive to back things up.

Like most practical goals, I’m hopeful I can get this completed before the baby comes this summer.  I thought I might want to be able to take some pictures then, you know?