Back to the beginning

In which I review my very first list to document it on this blog (#31).

I’ve spent the past week or so looking through the goals and posts of my first 101 list. I have them all linked up over on the archive page now, if you’re interested. It was pretty weird to go back and see all my old thoughts. (And photos.)

I found a lot of familiar-feeling goals that have made it on to every list I’ve made. Finish. Clean. Do things “right.” Funny to see that consistency from the beginning as this list was the most arbitrary of the three. I created it in the shortest amount of time, and I put a bunch of goals on there without a lot of thought. I later found more meaning in most of them and I completed 86/101, but wanted something more directed in the future.

I think maybe my next list will be a bit more like my first. The idea that I really need to challenge or improve myself doesn’t strike me any more in my current life. I think I need to learn to make myself a priority in this new kid-centric way of things. Maybe having a few more “just for fun” easy goals will help me. I still like the idea of grace and joy that I introduced in my first list, but I doubt my next will be split 50-50ish like the second and third. Now I think that if I have more joy, grace will follow.

Accidentally timing this how I did turned this goal into more than just housekeeping. It was good to remember all the changes in my life that these 101 lists have seen me through. I’ve been working on one list or another for eight years. Engaged, then married, then pregnant, then parent. Four moves. Three major job changes and three computers. Two blogs. Fewer haircuts than there should have been. More hesitancy. 404 ideas of how to change, improve, benefit.

I’m glad I looked back.