Jan. 1, 2014 – Sept. 28, 2016

This is my third 101 in 1001.

Grand totals for this effort:

Completed (and completed in effect): XX/101
In Progress: XX/101
Untouched: XX/101


1. Roll over my old 401k to my IRA.
2. Find two things to donate or get rid of each day for one month. — Completed March 2016
3. Three months meatless Mondays.
4. Finish photo book for first 101 list.
5. Check insurance inventory yearly and update as needed.
6. List everything we have pending on Craig’s List, donate/list for free if it doesn’t sell in two weeks. — Completed ??
7. Make a plan to maintain three important aspects of my life over the first year with a kid, with monthly actions and results. – In Progress
8. Finish photo book for second 101 list.
9. Complete blog tags migration to new list. — Completed 1/6/14
10. Update insurance.
11. Clear files and papers in office. — In progress
12. Complete an initial culling and backing up of photos. — In progress
13. Print photos from our last trip, frame, and hang in our house. – Completed 2/17/14
14. Create a schedule of checking credit reports and follow for two years.
15. Do one load of laundry each weekday for two months. — In progress
16. Create an organization and regular back-up system for my computer and photos with scheduled reminders.– In progress
17. Print photos from our anniversary, frame, and hang in our bedroom. — Completed 2/5/14
18. Get my car fixed – scrapes, door handle, crazy turn signal.– In progress
19. Talk to a financial planner.
20. Recover the house from getting new windows.– Completed ??
21. Create weekly meal plans and grocery lists for seven months of a calendar year.
22. Get a holiday angel from a tree each Christmas and donate gifts.
23. Save a six-month financial cushion. — Completed Oct. 2014
24. Donate to prom dress and suit drives.– In progress
25. Get back into an exercise routine.
26. Attempt to cut down on the cursing — count for a month for a baseline, and work for three additional to lower that number.
27. Get those practical legal documents in order.
28. Finish cleaning and prepping the library card catalog. — Completed ??
29. Go through all my clothes and purge or store. — Completed 7/14/16
30. Cull and post Netherlands, Belgium, Paris photos to Flickr.
31. Complete blog links for first 101 list. — Completed 6/23/16
32. Create an emergency information kit and store online with the insurance inventory.
33. Edit our movie collection and make room on living room shelves for things we’ll use more often. — Completed 2/28/14
34. Embrace being the person with a hand in everything at work – positively reframe in my mind. — Completed October 2014
35. Complete Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving one year, allowing one exception.
36. Cut table pad to fit our dining room table. — Completed ??
37. Max out my IRA each year of the list. — Completed April 2016
38. Work on a better cleaning baseline for two months.
39. Prep our freezer with exciting meals.
40. Provide once-weekly updates to family with a photo.
41. Update our budget, track progress for three months. — In Progress
42. Organize until we can park both cars in the garage regularly.– In Progress
43. Wear actual, put-together outfits every day for three months.– In Progress
44. Keep email inbox under 25 items for three months.– In Progress
45. Collect all coins and use them to boost Christmas present funds at the end of the year.
46. Reorganize cleaning supplies in laundry room to make the most of new storage options. — Completed 3/1/14
47. Get my hair cut once a quarter for a year.
48. Post every weekday for the month of January (once).
49. Place a grocery order and have someone else pick it up. — Completed
50. Choose a tree to plant in the backyard.


51. Scrapbook Ireland trip.
52. Scrapbook Netherlands-Belgium-Paris trip.
53. Read 15 new non-fiction books. — Completed 8/1/16
54. Go have lunch with the hubs ten times.– In Progress
55. Visit my new nephew (and any others lurking in the wings that we don’t know about). — Completed April 2014
56. Go out once a month by myself for something fun for six months in a row – two hours or longer.
57. Decorate a gingerbread house.
58. Get three photography magazines. — Completed
59. Have a date night with the hubs for six months running – can be at home, but can’t be our normal routine.
60. Have seven skype dates with the lovely Katie W. to help us keep in touch without a 101. — In Progress
61. Buy ten separate small pampering treats for myself. — In Progress
62. Do an over-the-crib creative project I’ve been excited about before working on other nursery decorations or furniture. — Completed
63. Explore three new photography projects or skills – photos, not editing. — In Progress
64. Take a vacation post-kid(s) other than visiting family.
65. Invest in three pretty but practical underwear sets. — In Progress
66. Switch our front door wreath each month for a year.
67. Complete a project life.
68. Celebrate our anniversary each year just the two of us. — In Progress
69. Send at least one letter/card a month for six months.
70. Buy something new for my camera. — Completed
71. Make Earl Grey truffles.
72. Visit a National Park that I haven’t been to.
73. Take daily photos most days (80%) for one calendar year. — Completed December 2015
74. Go to a minor league baseball game once a season. — In Progress
75. Read 20 books that I own but haven’t read.
76. Update and reduce my wardrobe so I love almost every piece (subjective completion). — In Progress
77. Create a home-specific bird guide.
78. Make 50 new recipes.
79. Get out to five new restaurants. — Completed
80. Take pictures and send grandparents a tour of our house.
81. Create an 8-track playlist once a week for three non-consecutive months.
82. Watch a sunset from our back deck with a cocktail.
83. Go to gallery walk at an art museum.– Completed
84. Make homemade marshmallows to go with our homemade hot chocolate.
85. Have a picnic on the beach.
86. Suggest a new cookie for cookie weekend.– Completed 12/21/14
87. Get a live wreath and/or garland for Christmas one year.
88. Buy new placemats. — Completed
89. Spend an afternoon by myself taking pictures someplace interesting.
90. Spend a weekend in my best friend’s house. — Completed
91. Make non-holiday Chex mix.
92. Plant window boxes on deck each year.
93. Make homemade hummus and pitas.
94. Have one TV-free day each week for a month. — In Progress
95. Visit each grandparent.
96. Get new indoor plants.
97. Buy flowers monthly for the entire list.
98. Listen to five audio books. — In Progress
99. Use pie bird in a fruit pie.
100. Buy three new albums.
101. Regularly keep a journal for a year. — In Progress