Lessons Learned

I have completed multiple 101 in 1001 projects since I started in 2008, and I intend to continue until at least 2019. Each list has been different. My life has changed dramatically from when I wrote my first list in December 2007, so obviously my goals have changed as well. While it is sometimes exhausting to see the large list of items I haven’t started, I think of all the goals as a reminder that I can change my attitude and daily life.

But what did I learn that can help someone else starting a 101 in 1001 project?

Goals should be varied, because life is varied.
I attempted to balance my list between goals that were far-reaching and single events, challenging and fun, internally and externally focused. Every goal didn’t speak to me on every day of my 1001.  Easier completions can be a big boost on a bad day or during a 101 related slump.

There is a reason behind every goal.
I created my first list very quickly and without thinking too hard about it. A list like this needs a mix of hard, thought-provoking goals and lighter, fluffy goals.  But I found meaning to all of my goals when I thought about it.  The goals ended up being like a connect the dots puzzle.  Once I found how they grouped together, I could see what I was working towards with even the simplest of goals. I created my subsequent lists more thoughtfully with a few overarching themes.

Completion can come in many forms and degrees.
I do lock in my 101 list at the beginning of the project. Some people decide to leave a portion of the list undecided, or have a schedule for goal replacement as things feel outdated. Even without such measures, I reinterpret goals as the 1001 progresses. Completion rarely looks the way I thought it would when I added goals to my list. I attempt to complete the spirit of the goal.

Caring comes around again.
1001 days is a long time. It is hard to maintain constant interest in the 101 because life will change during that time and bring new challenges and focuses. I found that the goals felt relevant at times and completely irrelevant at others. It is completely ok to drift away form the list for a bit.  Drifting away doesn’t mean that it won’t strike a chord with you the next time you look at it.

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