Happy new 101!

Happy 2017! I’m kicking off my fourth 101 list today. I’ll be finishing up posting about my last 101 as I complete its page in my archive. I still have some thoughts about those last goals.

I’m really excited about the items on my new list. I’ve chosen not to break it down into Grace and Joy categories. While those terms still hold meaning for me, I’m looking for a more complete and integrated version of my life. Hopefully these goals will help me find grace and joy in all areas of my life as I streamline, declutter my space and time, and bring more intentional action into play.

I’ve included a lot of serial goals to help me create better, sustainable habits. I’ve also tried to include a little spontaneity in the list as I set myself challenges in the future within relatively open-ended frameworks. I’ve identified natural rewards for all the items, which I hope will help me maintain some momentum and focus.

I’m ready to make some changes in my life. My last list was a slow path back to a sense of myself. I really hope that this new list can help me create more balance and joy in my thoughts, home, and life. It’s a tall order, but I’ll have 1001 days to chip away at it.

I can’t wait.

New List

In which I start my third 101 list.

Happy new year! I’m excited to get started on a new 101 list, set to run from today through to Sept. 28, 2016. I do have a bunch of cleaning up to do on this blog so I’ll be tackling those goals on my list first to get things more like a clean slate around here.

I’ve pulled some inspirations and reused some goals from previous lists as well as creating new goals for myself. I followed the pattern of my last list and split my goals into the general categories in the pursuit of grace and joy. Check my new list out here.

Changes ’round these here parts

I’m gearing up for my new 101 list, which will commence on Jan. 1, 2014 — but the blog might take a little bit longer to reflect my excitement.

I’m working on completing my new list, getting the old posts linked on the old list, and un-tagging those previous posts. And after I catch up with all that, I’ll be attempting to link in my first list as well, so all of my 101 goodness can be found on this site. Bear with me as the blog goes through a bit of flux. I promise they will be some of the first goals I tackle on my third 101!

New Year’s Attitudes: A Challenge

In which I get pumped for a blog challenge by the lovely Katie W.

I haven’t been as focused on blogging this list, but I’m still working hard on my goals, listed in the 101 and implied by the big five. I’m completing things at a rate that I’m content with, and the list has permeated my life in ways I didn’t expect, and that don’t lend themselves to blogging. Which is exactly why I get so excited for the blog challenges that we’ve been posing to each other this list. They keep me on my toes, keep me reassessing my goals, and keep me redefining what exactly I’m hoping to get out of this experience.

The lovely Katie W. was recently doing some redefining of her own, and admitted that she’s been struggling against some of her attitude goals that turn out to be a little too general for her to recognize when she’s making progress on them. So she challenges me and the best friend: “Decide on an attitude (or four) that you want and believe you can change.  Really specify!  No more, “I want to be positive,” because that is too broad and you’re likely to feel that you missed the mark.  (I know I have.)  Instead, focus on one attitude each week and write about it on the following Monday to let us know what you’re doing and if it’s working.”

I’ll be tying these back to my five overarching goals because they still feel like the best descriptions of what I’m trying to do with this life-improvement effort. So this upcoming week, I’ll be focusing on improving an attitude tied to living in a home that fits the best of us. I’ve been struggling with this, swinging back and forth between feeling that our house is starting to be awesome, and feeling like the to-do list is endless.

Care to join us?

I Have my Moments: Week 2

In which I reflect on the past week for a challenge I issued to myself, Katie W., and the best friend.

These are the moments that struck me from last week…

… to live in a home that fits the best of us.
This week, even though we have a ton of large projects that we’ve not started around the house yet, I spent a lot of time working on the small, finishing touches for the projects we’ve already got in progress. It’s really tempting to just call things “good enough” and move on, but I’m excited by how much of a difference those little touches make. The extra hour at the end of projects is consistently raising my level of enjoyment of them — especially this week.
… to feel awesome.
I struggled to think of a moment for this when I first jotted down notes for this post. I haven’t been feeling all that awesome lately, but I think that isn’t entirely true. I just haven’t been feeling that consistent lately, and somehow that translates to consistently bad in my head. But upon further reflection, I realized that there were a lot of bright and fun spots in the week. So, this week I’m citing the moments when I made the hubs and myself laugh and enjoy each other. That is an awesome feeling, no matter how fleeting it is.
… to have routines that support but not restrict me.
Last week, I slowly returned to the land of the meal planning, and it has been extremely helpful. I don’t stress as much, and we certainly eat better when we don’t have to come up with the ideas at the last, tired, frustrated minute. This week is easy with Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping that I can continue to reconnect with my old supportive routines, including meal planning, over the course of this month.
… to be active and present in my life.
I took a bit of a break on Saturday morning this weekend to stay in bed pretty late and have a bit of a lazier start to the day. It was the first time in what feel like forever that the hubs and I have really lined up on feeling present in our crazy, to-do-list-ridden lives. It was a breath of fresh air, and I got up early on Sunday with new energy and enthusiasm for our projects.
… to live broadly.
Once again, I’m thinking about reading broadly. I recently flew through Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies. In a few short days, it added to my conversations and trains of thought immensely. Double-crossing spy PIGEONS, guys. I think I need not say more. I love that even when I am feeling like my life has narrowed to a very small, four-bedroom focus, I can learn something new to bring up a dinner and challenge the way I see the rodents of the bird world.