Happy new 101!

Happy 2017! I’m kicking off my fourth 101 list today. I’ll be finishing up posting about my last 101 as I complete its page in my archive. I still have some thoughts about those last goals.

I’m really excited about the items on my new list. I’ve chosen not to break it down into Grace and Joy categories. While those terms still hold meaning for me, I’m looking for a more complete and integrated version of my life. Hopefully these goals will help me find grace and joy in all areas of my life as I streamline, declutter my space and time, and bring more intentional action into play.

I’ve included a lot of serial goals to help me create better, sustainable habits. I’ve also tried to include a little spontaneity in the list as I set myself challenges in the future within relatively open-ended frameworks. I’ve identified natural rewards for all the items, which I hope will help me maintain some momentum and focus.

I’m ready to make some changes in my life. My last list was a slow path back to a sense of myself. I really hope that this new list can help me create more balance and joy in my thoughts, home, and life. It’s a tall order, but I’ll have 1001 days to chip away at it.

I can’t wait.