Reading Completed

In which I check off 15 non-fiction books, a goal (#53) I kind of forgot to pay attention to.

I can remember reading at least 15 non-fiction books over the course of this list. I counted only things that I read cover to cover and that had at least equal applicability to me as to my son. (Parenting philosophy counted, research on sensory processing disorder didn’t.) I can verify only one history book that I read. The rest fall into home, parenting, and style categories. My original goal was to try to keep my mind active with interesting books and give myself a little more to talk about than the daily report of bodily functions. While that didn’t feel possible, these categories do reflect more of my changed life and the things I’ve been struggling with.

I don’t think any of the books are worth mentioning. There very well may have been more that I’ve forgotten. The goal was never about the books so much as the reading.