Weekly Meal Plans

In which I try to get back on track with meal plans and grocery lists (#21).

I am trying to think of ways to maximize my time and energy, both mental and physical. Starting tomorrow,  I’ll be making weekly meal plans off of a general template. One cookbook recipe a week,  one big meal on the weekend that will go for multiple lunches or a second dinner, extras into the freezer when we can… that sort of thing. But I’m most interested in making meal plans that will limit our food waste.  I’m terrible at using up ingredients or even eating up leftovers. So I’m really going to be focusing on common threads through meals to make the most of the food we buy.

We have a rare fairly clean slate to start with here,  so this is the perfect opportunity to launch a new regime. Hopefully I can keep it up for the seven months of this goal.  What an amazing amount of money I can save,  mental power I can conserve,  and time I can use elsewhere if this works how I hope.