A Little Round Treat

DSC_0786editIn which I show off a treat I bought for myself (#61).

The end of this year has been particularly challenging for me. We’ve been travelling a lot, I’ve been alone with my son a lot, and I am feeling like I’ve drained my well to the dregs. I asked for a few small treats to work into my days (hello, unnecessary face mist thing), but I have one new purchase that really makes me happy.

I have worn this ring every day since I bought it last month. It is a handmade stacking ring, so it is delicate and understated. I bought it at a stall in the holiday market in Columbus Circle that I walked through almost daily in December to get to the park. I bought it with my son on a rare day where he was completely cooperative in the carrier while I moved through my shopping at an adult pace (read: much slower than toddler pace). He waved to the lady in the booth, another customer let us check out ahead of her because she knew I was running on borrowed time, and I walked away with a bit more holiday spirit than I’d started with.

I hope this ring will be a reminder of the days I killed it over the past couple of months. Of the days that it almost killed me, but I kept going the best I could. Of the times I made the baby laugh or helped us restart when we both cried. I bought myself a little trophy to take home with me.