Capsule Wardrobe Wrapup

In which I get back to last month’s goals (#7) via my wardrobe challenge…

Last month did not look like I thought it would — but I looked as I’d planned, thanks to my two-block capsule wardrobe. I didn’t take photos of my outfits because I don’t think I have anything to add to the style dialog on the internet. These were reasonably stylish pieces making basic outfits.

Meet my primary capsule wardrobe:

capsule1 Collage

  1. Floral, pleated neck blouse in a silky synthetic fabric — Target
  2. Peacock printed blouse in a silky synthetic fabric with tulip hem — Nordstrom
  3. Breton strip tee with brass details at shoulder — H&M
  4. Weird flowy blouse in a synthetic fabric — Target
  5. Navy t-shirt with slightly puffed sleeve — Target
  6. Kelly green 3/4 sleeve t-shirt — Target
  7. Mint and navy striped boatneck 3/4 sleeve t-shirt — Target
  8. Full high waisted blue skirt — Tulle
  9. Black ankle pant — JCPenney
  10. Slim straight jean — JCPenney
  11. Mint wool cardigan — J Crew
  12. Knit zip blazer with back peplum detail — Target
  13. Black flats — Dr Scholls/DSW
  14. Brown sandals — DSW
  15. Black pseudo sneaker — Grasshoppers/DSW

Other than confirming that I really should buy stock in Target to recoup some of my money, here’s what I get from this encapsulation of my post-baby style: I’m working with a pretty consistent color palate, but I don’t think it looks or feels limited. I like things that are strong enough statements that I can wear them on their own (floral, peacock, striped), so my completer pieces and accessories tend to be solid. I am relying primarily on interesting details on the clothes themselves to make me look put together because I mostly don’t add accessories. I think all these items are practical, but also pretty.

I found the most interesting part of this challenge to be thinking about my clothes in batches. I get really messy now courtesy of sticky hands and kisses. So I really liked thinking about spreading out similar items so that I always had something with a certain “feel” clean. Here’s my second capsule:

Capsule2 Collage

  1. Teal pleated neck blouse in a silky synthetic fabric — Target
  2. Mint and black patterned knit cowl neck shell — Nordstrom
  3. Gray and cream polka dot t-shirt — Target
  4. Teal t-shirt — Target
  5. Purple pleated t-shirt — Target
  6. Navy and red striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt — Target
  7. Teal embroidered 3/4 sleeve blouse — TJ Maxx
  8. Black knit pencil skirt — Target
  9. Black polka dot ankle pant — JCPenney
  10. Black slim straight jean — JCPenney
  11. Coral cardigan — H&M
  12. Jean blazer with piping — … no idea. Burlington Coat Factory, maybe?
  13. Black flats — Lifestride/DSW
  14. Brown sandals — DSW
  15. Black pseudo sneaker — Grasshoppers/DSW

I hope you can see how it relates to the first. I attempted to balance pattern, fabric type, and sleeve length between the two sets.

I bought shoes just ahead of this challenge, since my feet have changed size post-babe. Some items were new since baby and nursing, but most I’ve had for years. So that excited me. I do have a lot from my old style that still works, I just need to find ways to make it work for me now.

The capsule was effective, but not really that challenging. That is a reassuring vote of self-confidence for what I’ve been buying and wearing. So most of what I’ve taken away from this challenge will be reflected in the next wardrobe challenge with the best friend. We’ve been identifying pieces of our wardrobes that work, but that can’t help but highlight the ways that things aren’t working in the wardrobe or in the routines. So we are spending November working on forging links between the parts that are working, whether it is by filling in missing pieces of wardrobe or working on routines that will allow us to make the most of what we’ve got going on. I’m excited to see where we are at the end of the month.