Flowers Around Here

In which I claim the spirit of keeping flowers in the house, if not the letter of the monthly goal (#97).


This goal came about after our trip to Amsterdam, though I’d certainly had cut flowers pretty often before that time. I wanted them to become a regular part of my grocery shopping rather than reserve them for special occasions. With a careful selection and a few changes of water, my grocery store flowers often last about two weeks. Not a bad investment in happiness, especially in the winter months.
When regular grocery trips disappeared after the baby was born, I lost the letter of this monthly goal. I did preserve the spirit by buying flowers when I did shop, and I’ll now reclaim the monthly aspect to this goal as I work to reclaim my life a bit.
Starting with a beautiful bouquet the hubs got me for my birthday at the beginning of the month, which I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of. And with the lovely flowers above, which cost me about fourteen dollars and are entering their third week and still going strong. The scale doesn’t really translate in this quick phone picture. These flowers are huge. They have been a beacon of beauty and order in the middle of my dining room table that is covered in two Sunday papers, computer gear and camera cards, and assorted puffs that hit the floor rather than the baby’s mouth.


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