Anniversary Pictures

In which I show off pictures I hung a year ago (#17).


On my last list, I had a goal to have professional photos taken of the hubs and me. Once I got into the appropriate time of my 1001, we were hoping to have a baby soon. I decided that I was going to complete the spirit of the goal rather than the wording and save our money for professional newborn pictures, but still have photos of us as a couple. On the very last day of my list, the lovely Katie W. took some photos of us to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. We’d bought anniversary versions of our wedding clothes for our actual anniversary dinner, so we got dolled up and went out to the botanical gardens.


I love the pictures, and we framed a set of three of them in our bedroom. Thanks, Katie! We enjoy having them and celebrating the first five years of our married lives. We took a few of our own maternity photos, and have the professional pictures to remember the start of our life with our son. Definitely covers the spirit of the original goal, and completes this one.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Pictures

  1. Yay!!! This was so fun to do! Especially sneaking around the gardens 😉 I’m honored you trusted me with this and I’m so glad you found a few favorites!

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