In which I show off the completed over-the-crib project (#62).

I hope that this doesn’t surprise anyone, but I really like my husband. We waited until we’d been married for five years before we decided to have this baby because it was important to us to have time together to make our marriage as strong as we could. We wanted our foundation to be solid before bring a little guy or girl into the mix. We’ll have six years married and ten dating under our belt before we turn everything upside down this summer.

Obviously having the kiddo will change everything. We know that (and even if we didn’t, everyone seems to take great pleasure in telling us over and over). While I don’t think we can really prepare for how things will change, we can prepare to make our relationship a priority as well. All of those feelings and worries made this over-the-crib project more than just the sum of its parts for me. We’ve worked on it together since we found out about the baby and I’m really pleased that it is the first thing we’ve hung in the nursery.

It started with remembering a book that I used to get out of the library, Cricket in a Thicket, by Aileen Fisher. It is a little book of poems or rhymes about animals, and I loved it. I came across a picture of it in a blog years ago, and I gradually became convinced that it would be the prefect sentiment to start our nursery decorations with. The book is out of print now, so the project started with an internet hunt for a good, clean, cheap copy.


Next came the initial scan, which wasn’t exactly promising to become great wall art. So I set about editing the photo: lightening, color correcting, trying to get rid of the crease from the spine of the book. I finally resorted to tracing, drawing, and merging and came up with a much more presentable version. After a few checks on possible print size, I decided to enlarge the canvas so that it would be proportional to the crib.  I ended up with this:

turtledoves_combined_cavas enlarge2

Things were looking up! I printed it in black and white and added a thick black border at that time. Then it was just a matter of prepping to mount it on foam core board like we did in the last house with the book covers for our guest room. They have held up great, and I still love the look.

Turtledoves CollageI chose to go with a thicker, half-inch wide board so that the edges would be a bit more prominent. I carefully cut it out with a ruler an exacto knife, did a light sanding of the cut edges to get them as soon as possible, and went around the edges of the board with a sharpie just in case the edge of the photo didn’t quite line up. I cut myself a small test piece to try out my idea of edging the board with bright red vinyl electrical tape. Fast forward through the hubs busting out his spray glue skills (making sure that the factory cut edges would be most prominent) and edging the actual piece with tape:

Turtledoves posted

We haven’t build our crib yet, but we do have it taped out on the floor. So with the help of the hubs and a level, I hung it on the wall with the velcro 3m Command strips that we’ve used all over the house. We’ll be able to adjust it left-to-right once the crib is in place to account for any visual difference between the crib and print placement.

After months of prepping, the first art hung in our nursery! I may have cried. I may occasionally stand in the door and visit it.

I may be experiencing some baby hormones.


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  1. I ADORE this! Not only did you do an amazing job with it, but the poem is perfect for you two! In fact, if I ever have a little one, I want this as a baby gift 😉

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