Goals 87 to 100

In which I finish rounding up my completions and progress on this list from goals eighty-seven through one hundred.

87. Read five non-fiction books which catch my fancy – Completed 8/2011

89. Do a crafty/handy project for our new home – Completed 2/21/11, 10/2013 I completed this goal with a craft project for our rental house in this area, and I really wanted to complete it with a handy project for the house we bought. I’ve done a couple of handy projects at this point, but the first one is still the best. I’m counting restaining our bathroom cabinets as my handy project completion. Before:

After: bath_after

90. Make my own Italian-style pasta — Completed in Effect A long while back, the lovely Katie W. and the best friend and I had a little cooking weekend with another friend at my townhouse. We made homemade noodles, which miss being Italian-style pasta only because we couldn’t find the proper flour. We also made three different sauces. It was a really fun afternoon.

92. Buy new full size bookshelves and organize them – Completed 10/6/11, 10/2013 We bought new bookshelves and created one of our favorite rooms in the house. We bought five Billy bookcases from IKEA, backed them with beadboard panels, caulked the panels to polish up the final look, and added IKEA cabinet lights as library lighting. I really love them. We’ve finally got a bit of room to grow on our shelves, and I enjoy having a cup of tea in there before work some mornings. They really are pretty impressive, I think:


93. Get a manicure and pedicure — not for a wedding – Completed 6/27/11

94. Buy an article of clothing or an accessory through an independent seller or Modcloth –Completed 9/29/11

95. Make and linger over a new fondue recipe – Completed 2/19/11

97. Find a new salon/stylist to be loyal to — Completed I have found a salon to be loyal to, and I’m excited to be headed back there (hopefully this week) for a fun, new haircut. Another list over, five years of marriage — it’s time to make some changes around here!

98. Splurge on new curlers and donate unsuccessful ones – Completed 9/28/11

99. Finish my solo game of Super Mario Bros Wii – In Progress I’m really bad a video games, and this got to the point were it wasn’t fun challenging anymore, it was just frustrating. Plus, I didn’t have as much down time over the past two years as I’ve had in the past.

100. Be a tourist for a weekend – Completed 7/16-17/11