Goals 75 to 86

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals seventy-five through eighty-six.

75. Develop an effective 15-minute work break – Completed in Effect
I’ve been working on many different types of breaks, but now that it is getting a little bit cooler, I’m really looking forward to just stepping outside on our deck for a cup of tea. Time to really use that new(ish) deck furniture.

78. Buy a big fancy camera and lens – Completed 12/26/2011

79. Take a photography class or lesson – Completed 3/20/12

80. Make ten new recipes and embrace the food adventure – Completed 1/2013
1. Chicken with brown butter-lemon spaetzle and lemony asparagus
2. Greek meatballs with Tzatziki
3.  Cherry Brown Butter Bars
4. Brined Whole Chicken
5. Creamy Risotto
6. Starter Chicken Curry with Apples
7. Crock Pot Black Beans
8. Coconut Saffron Rice
9. Zucchini Ribbons with Almond Pesto
10. Open-faced Chicken and Apricot Sandwiches
This is a goal that I actually finished easily. When I’ve been good about meal planning, I usually try to include one new recipe each week as a challenge. I’ve definitely been enjoying my cookbooks recently.

81. Get a plant to flourish in bedroom, office, living room — must live for three months – Completed 1/12

82. Complete five years of my book log – Completed 1/2013

83. Eat three things I’ve never tried before – Completed 5/12

85. Learn to locate five new constellations and the myths behind them – In Progress
But just barely.

86. Get a fun new treat piece of jewelry — Completed 7/12/2013
I got a lovely, delicate new necklace with a pearl pendant for our anniversary — pearl is the hubs’s birthstone. You can kind of see it in this photo from our dinner that night: