Goals 63 to 73

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals sixty-three through seventy-three.

63. Travel out of the country again with the hubs – Completed 5/17-29/12, 8/28-9/10/13
We traveled to Ireland in 2012:

And to the Netherlands, Belgium and Paris in 2013:travel

Travelling has been important to me. I think that we need the challenge and new experiences to help us buck the comfortable routines and ruts that feel inevitable at home. I love getting ideas for our house and our lives and trying to go home and bring a little bit of that excitement back with us. (As I type this, I’m sitting in front of a massive flower arrangement that I put together. Our house has been full of flowers since we got back, and I love it. Such a big happiness payoff for a little money.)

66. Go to a baseball game with the hubs – Completed
I almost didn’t remember that I’d completed this one, but I’m disappointed that it was only one time. We live in a town with minor league baseball, so tickets are close and cheap — and there shouldn’t be any excuse. Instead, the only game we went to was out at the lovely Katie W’s neck of the woods. We had a great time, especially now that an unfortunate loss of a jacket has been rectified on ebay.

67. Visit a National Park that I’ve not been to – Completed in Effect 7/2013
The hubs and I took a long weekend on the Eastern Shore to celebrate our fifth anniversary. While we were there, we went to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and the Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge. So those are not technically National Parks, but they definitely complete my goal. I’d intended to get out and do something new around our new area, and get outside with the hubs.

68. Identify five must-visit places in our new location and visit them – In Progress
On a related note, I came really close to almost completing my visits to five places in our new location. (How’s that for ambiguous?) A quick run-down:

1. Go to the glass blowing studio and attend a gallery walk at the Chrysler Museum.
Well, I haven’t been to the glass studio yet, so that part is solidly not completed. But I’d count the second half as completed in effect — the museum closed for renovations, but we did attend the closing party. I think this goal might roll onto my next list.

2. Go to a professional show.
We went to the travelling Jersey Boys to celebrate my birthday.

3. Spend a day or weekend on the Eastern Shore.
Anniversary weekend!

4. Fly a kite on Mount Trashmore
And this is the one that drags me all the way away from a semi-completed status. I didn’t touch this one.

5. Visit Beach Brewing Company
We’ve done this enough times that we just got one of our last growlers of beer for free and started a new loyalty card. Yummy and fun.

69. Join a new group/membership – Completed 5/5/12

70. See another show on Broadway – Completed 8/15/11

72. Treat myself to a new magazine five separate times – Completed 9/2013
This month I’ve actually purchased three new magazines. I picked up an America’s Test Kitchen Simple Recipes, which we’ve already started cooking from. I bought the September issue of Vouge — the huge one — and hoped to find a good add with a similar haircut to the one I’m hoping to get next week. And then I hedged my bets on that and bought the In Style Beauty magazine that focuses on haircuts.

73. Get oven proof bowls and make five different soups – In Progress (4/5)
1. Moroccan Chicken Soup
2. Avgolemono
3. Roasted Tomato Soup with Broiled Cheddar
4. Ham and Navy Bean Soup