Goals 51 to 61

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals fifty-one through sixty-one.

51. Go get my hair done for an event or occasion – Completed 11/7/12

52. Invest in three pretty but practical underwear sets – Completed 12/23/11

53. Have a date once per month for six months in a row – Completed 7/2012 – 1/2013
This was an easy goal to become a habit . Some months we had big dates, like going for a weekend away in July to celebrate our anniversary; some we had smaller but still memorable dates, like attending the closing-for-renovations party at our local art museum in December (photo below); and some we had simple out for dinner-and-drinks dates. It was especially helpful to make getting out and focusing on each other a priority in the crazy months of moving into our house.

museum date

54. Empty all the moving boxes within three months of the move – Completed
I had two chances at completing this one, and I finally did it on my second move of the list. I still have some things in boxes that are waiting to find homes, but I went though every box and reorganized so that they weren’t weighing me down in the new house.

57. Get a tag from a giving tree and donate gifts – Completed 11/27/11

59. Go to the movies five times with the hubs – Completed 7/2011

60. Comment on friends’ blogs at least once per week for the entire list – Completed in Effect
I really think that working with friends on the 101 lists is so much fun. I feel like I keep in touch on a much deeper level when I read about and talk to them about what they are focusing on in their lives. It’s hard to do chit-chat emails when things are so busy for everyone, and they are always a bit superficial. I think the 101 helps us cut to things that are challenging, important, or at least on our minds. But, time is not on our sides for the 1001, and certainly not for blogging. So I think this was a good effort, but I can always do better or more.

61. Visit my new nephew – Completed 9/17-18/11, 1/5/12, 1/12/13
This ended up being such a fun goal since my family decided to make this happen once a year for this 1001! I visited my first nephew for his first birthday, and for the next two years scheduled visits to meet my new nephew (2012) and new niece (2013), respectively. I was, and am, thrilled to be an aunt to some of the best kids around.