Goals 43 to 50

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals forty-three through fifty.

43. Get proper carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers – Completed 1/26/11
This is a fun one — it stayed “in progress” for the first two years of my list, until we moved and removed the need for a fire extinguisher for our wood burning stove. So, it turns out that I did complete it in the beginning, and our new house is monitored properly.

44. Pick up for ten minutes every morning for three months – In Progress
This was a goal that I worked hard on completing in effect, but didn’t quite get there. I still have my cleaning cards to help me organize the regular maintenance our lives need so that the entire house doesn’t get trashed over and over. But it inevitably does get trashed over and over. We has guests last weekend, and are booked every weekend from now until mid-November, so I’m hoping that this is the magic time where those cleaning cards and daily tasks help me keep things under control. It would be very nice to have people over on a whim, rather than a week-long cleaning binge.

45. Finish my photo book documenting my first 101 – In Progress
I guess now I can work on photo books for my first and second lists together. The books should be more consistent that way — can I spin that as intentional? I’ve gathered all the photos from my last list and finished the write-ups for about 3/4 of my goals. I haven’t been back to that since about April 2012 — before Ireland and house hunting, oddly enough. I’m still planning to tackle this list the same way, though hopefully more quickly: gather photos, write a blurb for every goal in one place, completed or not, and then do a major proof-reading before I transfer everything into a blurb book. Hopefully I can order both at once and have a nice little start to a collection. I’m guessing that this goal might make an appearance on list number three.

49. Decorate all rooms in our new place – Completed 10/29/11 and 12/13
Double completion for each of my homes on this list. This is a funny thing to mark completed, since I don’t think I’m one to ever declare decorating completed for all time.  I enjoy making changes and tweaks too much — being done would be so boring. So I’ve counted this as completed because I’ve got functional and full furniture in all the rooms (that we aren’t deliberately ignoring in order to have room for a future family), I’ve got art in every room, and small touches that I think add personality. And I really love our spaces in this house. I think they are functional, cosy and interesting. I’m using “I” here, but the hubs is a full partner in all our decorating decisions, and I think our favorite rooms are ones where we’ve had equal impact, like our guest room below. The hubs fell in love with the Literary Map of Virginia, which I found, photoshopped, and framed. We both liked the visual packing list that we saw at an exhibit, so I found it, he requested it from the Smithsonian, and I photoshopped a border on it so that we could get it printed on canvas. Other elements: lamp, me; bedspread, him; pillow and curtains, me; retro desk clock and lamp, him.

guest bed

50. Donate to two non-patriotic causes – Completed 10/12/12

With that, I’ve come to the end of the first half of my list, focusing on grace. Totals so far: 20 completed goals, 16 in progress, and 14 that I never gave a good attempt.