Goals 36 to 42

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals thirty-six through forty-two.

36. Find a tailor I trust and clear out any pending alteration needs – In Progress
Over the course of this list, I took a bunch of stuff to two ok tailoring shops. At various points, I’ve taken in everything that I needed to be tailored, but that is an ever-changing mark. I am not counting this as “completed in effect” because I happen to have a stack of things that need a little love waiting for a trip to the tailor right now. Time for another round, hopefully with results that will move the current contestant into the “trusted” category.

38. Create an organization and regular back-up system for my computer – In Progress
… and desperately needed, but not completed.

39. Find a place for everything we own – In Progress
Unfortunately, I let this plateau in our new house. We’ve been working on finding places for those odds and ends that don’t clearly belong someplace, but nothing is coming through all that quickly. I’ll be continuing to try to add organization to our spaces — especially the garage, which is the most unorganized dump right now — and purging what we really don’t use. Which, come to think of it, is probably true for most of the stuff that is unaccounted for at this point. There are a few bright spots around the house.  Here’s one from my office:

place for everything

40. Reduce usage of chemical cleaners – Completed
I think the only chemical cleaner that I’ve bought since I put this on the list is a Woolite carpet and upholstery cleaner that has seen hard use since I got it, including getting coffee off a white ottoman. No regrets there! Otherwise, our hand, dish, dishwasher, and laundry soap are all Method or Seventh Generation free and clear; our bathroom and kitchen products are all Method products; and I’m still using up the same old chemical laundry stain removers that I had before this list.

41. Make the bed every day for three months – Completed 8/12

42. Write over 550 posts on this blog – In Progress
This isn’t going to happen by about half.  Final numbers to come on day 1001.