Goals 27 to 33

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals twenty-seven through thirty-three.

27. Increase retirement savings – Completed 2/2013
I’ve mentioned before that I’m crazy about saving for retirement. (Ok, I think that most other people would think that I’m crazy about it — I feel quite comfortable with my logic and choices. I’ll send those people postcards from my extensive travels 35 years form now.) This year, I took advantage of the higher limit for IRA contributions and put an additional $500 towards both mine and the hubs’s IRAs. Sure, we can always contribute more to our employers’ plans, but the limit hike was the push I needed to get this one done. I’m still not contributing as much as I did when we first got married, but my life and expenses are different now, so that doesn’t worry me at all.

29. Stretch out before bed three nights a week for three months – In Progress
I attempted this for a while, but not nearly for three months. I never got past the stage where it was just one more thing to fit in, even though I’d intended the goal to be about unwinding and letting go of the day’s stresses. Perhaps I didn’t give it much of a chance.

31. Read five books about the adoption process – In Progress (1/5)
I just never made this one a priority.

32. Make monthly mission goals and complete six months of one calendar year on time – Completed 12/12
Ah, monthly missions.  My lists-within-my-list. I did find them to be very helpful to focus my efforts each month rather than working on all of the things at once. I attempted to balance them between grace and joy in keeping with my list, even though a lot of the missions weren’t tied directly back to a 101 goal.

33. Get our stuff in order and talk to a financial planner – In Progress
I’ve gotten most of our financials in order, but I need to revisit the questions we have for a financial planner. When I first created this goal, I thought we might need to ask some questions before we bought a house, but that fell into place without external help. I’ll probably tackle this one when we start a family.