Goals 8 to 14

In which I round up my completions and progress on this list from goals eight through fourteen.

8. Send at least one letter or card per month for six months running – In Progress
I have no real idea how I did on this goal. This is something I’d still like to do more of — it takes no time, practically no money, and I think everyone does like to get mail. This is a goal that I will be revisiting in the future and trying to make more of a habit. In fact, I think today I’ll write up a card to a friend I’ve been thinking of and putting off.

9. Take photos of daily life for six months in order to become more mindful – Completed
I loved this goal! I found it extremely helpful to keep my perspective on all the work I was putting into the house when we first bought it, but I also ended up with some fun pictures of moments that I might otherwise have let pass by. This is definitely something I’d like to continue doing.  Here’s an example of some of the daily photos that I don’t think ever made it onto the blog:

example daily photo

11. Check insurance inventory yearly and update if needed – In Progress
My insurance inventory is still in play, but I didn’t update it yearly. I’m planning to update it again now that we’ve got the house set up with some new images, and work on scanning in the necessary receipts so that they will be available if we ever have a disaster (knock wood). I would still like to get into the habit of checking it on a regular basis — maybe lump in with paying taxes? Might as well get all of the practical, responsible things you don’t really want to think about out of the way at once.

12. Keep a food-sleep-exercise-headache calendar for three months – In Progress
I have started this a few times, and I’ve finally hit on a notebook system that I think works pretty well — but I didn’t come anywhere near the three months of my goal.

14. Go to a cardiologist for a check-up — Completed 6/27/13
I finally completed this goal in good time and now have a doctor located in our new location. I don’t love him or the office, but I won’t have to go but for once in a blue moon, so it doesn’t really matter. Just one more things that makes it off my “should do” list.