Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my (semi-)daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

Life has been full! Let’s jump right in and get these photos on a roll.

2013-04-13 Sammy and Jeremy

April 13 – We enjoyed a visit from my sister, brother-in-law and my nephew. It was exciting to see them and have them at our house for the first time.

2013-04-15 Compost bin

April 15 – I primed and painted our new compost bin so that it would blend in better with our house — and hopefully avoid a nasty letter from our Home Owners’ Association!

2013-04-17 Mulch done

April 17 – After a ton of work, we finally finished weeding, covering and mulching all of our beds. Most of the time we can’t see them from our porch, but it does make for a nicer view for our neighbors.

2013-04-18 Cormorant

April 18 – I’m continuing to love our backyard and seeing all the fun animals in the pond. This cormorant was a lovely distraction during a long phone call one day.

2013-04-19 Compost bin in place

April 19 – After some time to cure, we placed our compost bin outside and got started — though I’m pretty sure it’s not going too well, I’m still excited about this project.

2013-04-19 Becky

April 20 – Celebrating the best friend’s bachelorette!

2013-04-25 Candy

April 25 – After a few days, I had a nice stash of patriotic and US Navy candy ready for our big party for my deploying brother-in-law.

2013-04-27 Family

April 27 – Party day! The hubs’ whole family came out to celebrate my brother-in-law’s family and we grabbed a portrait.

2013-04-28 Botanical Gardens

April 28 – We returned to the botanical gardens to enjoy my favorite time of the year — tulip time! And four adults forgot my nephew’s jacket, so we improvised with my sweater. He didn’t mind.

2013-04-29 nap

April 29 – I came downstairs to see my nephew fully enjoying our chair during a long nap. Much cuter than my normal tea break.

2013-05-03 Dec and Hobbit

May 3 – You are never too young to read The Hobbit. (Please note: he chose this book off the shelf multiple times. This was not staged, but makes his dad very happy.)

2013-05-04 Busch Gardens

May 4 – More family fun with a trip to Busch Gardens to celebrate my sister-in-law’s 30th birthday!

2013-05-06 Ducks and Phoebe

May 6 – These ducks were sleeping in my backyard for a while, then decided to stroll down to the water as a group, catching the pup’s attention.

2013-05-07 playground

May 7 – We took advantage of a warm evening and headed out to the closest playground at our local elementary school. I think our neighborhood will be great for when we eventually have kids of our own.

2013-05-08 Bird

May 8 – Can’t get enough of the birds in our backyard.

2013-05-09 Dinosaurs

May 9 – A new set of awesome dinosaurs and losing his pacifier as a punishment combined in an awesome night of funny play while we were babysitting. Even when he was playing by himself: One hand: “I am a dinosaur eating a tree, and now you can take a turn other dinosaur.” Other hand: “Thank you.” It was hilarious to hear him repeat the hubs’s dinosaur phrases.