Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I am working my way back to daily photos. It really helps me focus on things that are interesting about each day, which I desperately need right now.  I’ve been irked at work more and more often lately, and I really need the reminder that I have more going on than just that. Some days I still can’t think of a single thing that seems worth documenting, but every little bit helps. And ducklings. Ducklings help a lot. You’ll see.

March 24 - I bought myself a new Le Crueset skillet with my birthday money. I love it so far, and love that I got it on sale at the outlet even more!

March 24 – I bought myself a new Le Creuset skillet with my birthday money. I love it so far, and love that I got it on sale at the outlet even more!

2013-03-25 tomato soup

March 25 – I got back to my soup goal (more on that later) with roasted tomato soup, topped with melted cheddar toasts. Also, this is the first time we used my special soup bowls.

2013-03-26 Eye-fi

March 26 – I’m so excited about this SD card that I got for may camera with more birthday money. It will wirelessly transfer the images directly from the camera to my computer or phone — even if we aren’t near a wireless network. I think it will be very handy when our niece and nephews visit, or for our own future kids.

2013-03-27 Bath organization

March 27 – I am working on my routines (more about that later, too) and I finally took some time to clear out the cabinet in our guest bathroom to get it organized and easy to use.

2013-03-28 porch furniture

March 28 – Our back yard was one of the main reasons we bought this particular house, and I am so excited to get out there and enjoy it. We bought new patio furniture so that we’ll be very comfortable — this is just after they delivered it.

2013-03-29 waterbirds

March 29 – I have loved seeing all the waterfowl in our pond out back. These branches sticking out of the water are the cormorants’ favorite perches — they’ll sit up there for hours. But that is not have so exciting as the tiny ducklings!

2013-03-29 waterbirds2

March 29 – See them? I cannot tell you how excited I am every time we see the ducklings. But this is just the first of many, many pictures I’ve taken.

2013-03-30 takeoff

March 30 – A cormorant taking off from our pond.

March 31 - We are working on creating a trash can compost pile. It will be an experiment, but I'm excited about it.

March 31 – We are working on creating a trash can compost pile. It will be an experiment, but I’m excited about it.

2013-04-01 Graves

April 1 – I fell in love with a vintage pamphlet with this image of Robert Graves and bought it from the BOOK/SHOP (http://book— I’m going to put it in my office as soon as I find a frame.

2013-04-02 Bedroom additions

April 2 – I’ve been making some additions to our master bedroom, trying to combat my tendency to focus all my energy on the public spaces of our house and neglect the ones I spend the most time in. We’ve hung curtains and switched to new lampshades, which I trimmed out.

2013-04-03 Ducklings

April 3 – More ducklings!

2013-04-04 Ducklings

April 4 – I just can’t lay off the pictures of Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.

2013-04-06 Ducklings

April 6 – I did warn you.

2013-04-07 mulching

April 7 – We’ve been spending a lot of time on our weekends and evenings getting some work done in the yard. It’s been neglected for a few years, so we’ve been busy weeding, spreading plastic and weed blocking fabric and mulching. It’s a lot of work, but it is starting to look a lot better.

2013-04-08 geese and ducks

April 8 – I just get excited when there are birds to watch out back. Rear Window, bird version. It’s not just me, right? Ducklings are hard to resist.2013-04-08 ducklings


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  1. Skillet = awesome!
    Soup = yum!
    House cleanup and new deck furniture = WOOHOO! Can’t wait to spend a day on the deck 🙂
    Compost can = So cool! I want Skip to do this.
    Art = I like it too. Very cool!
    Bedroom = GORGEOUS! Love it!

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