Attitude: This will Help

In which I recount my first week participating in a blog challenge by the lovely Katie W.

Last week, I focused on reframing my attitude towards my house and the remaining improvements I want to make, as well as the on-going  maintenance and cleaning. Work has been insane lately, and has been draining most days and soul-sucking the others. So it has been hard for me to muster up any energy to tackle the remaining projects or routine work around the house. This is not a workable solution for me, since I am ALWAYS around the house. Seeing the mess and the stagnation was bringing my mood down — and every time I thought about attempting to change things, I put it off because I didn’t have time to change everything. I could sort these paper in the office — but why do that now, when I can’t file them until I go through everything else already in the files? I could iron these curtains — but I couldn’t hang them yet, so they’ll probably just get messed up.

I was creating an environment where things were slipping farther and farther out of control.  I was feeling guilty that my fabulous house and previous months of work were giving me no joy. Worst of all, I was defeating myself before I even got started making changes.

So last week, I actively tried to reframe those thoughts. I’d look at something and think, I could make up the guest room bed. And when “but the room still won’t be ready for people to come and stay,” followed after, I tried not to get discouraged. Instead, I told myself, “This will help.”

I didn’t need to put pressure on myself to get things done — I needed to pressure myself to do something. Anything. Anything that helped.


Even completing small steps towards an end result helped me to get excited about the eventual results again. Sometimes that was enough for me to find other pockets of time for other small changes — and they added up. I completed only one big project last week — ironing, hemming, and hanging curtains — but I’ve set myself up for increased progress. Activity breeds activity and progress breeds enthusiasm for more progress. Hanging something on the wall makes me want to make the bed, so that I can see things “done” to an extent. Organizing my bathroom makes me want to clear the counters to make sure I have a place for everything — and then, why not wipe those counters down, since they haven’t been clear in a while?

So, I have to say that each small action did help. It has helped my to-do list and it has really helped my mood. I am not feeling so trapped, and I’m really enjoying the small differences. Little things like going around to visit the new prints on the wall, admiring the new curtains, or checking in on my progress in clearing out our extra bedroom makes me happy.  Small differences are enough to keep me going — so I’m going to keep reminding myself that “this will help” as I shift my focus to my problem attitude for this week — one tied to my over-arching goal of feeling awesome.


One thought on “Attitude: This will Help

  1. Nailed it! This is so perfect! It’s exactly what I envisioned for the challenge!

    I’m super proud of you for this! I think each small step leads to another and another, etc. And as small as making the bed can seem, it can add such a sense of calm and done-ness. I really like how you say, “this will help.” I’m absolutely stealing it!

    Plus, I LOVE the curtains!

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