New Year’s Attitudes: A Challenge

In which I get pumped for a blog challenge by the lovely Katie W.

I haven’t been as focused on blogging this list, but I’m still working hard on my goals, listed in the 101 and implied by the big five. I’m completing things at a rate that I’m content with, and the list has permeated my life in ways I didn’t expect, and that don’t lend themselves to blogging. Which is exactly why I get so excited for the blog challenges that we’ve been posing to each other this list. They keep me on my toes, keep me reassessing my goals, and keep me redefining what exactly I’m hoping to get out of this experience.

The lovely Katie W. was recently doing some redefining of her own, and admitted that she’s been struggling against some of her attitude goals that turn out to be a little too general for her to recognize when she’s making progress on them. So she challenges me and the best friend: “Decide on an attitude (or four) that you want and believe you can change.  Really specify!  No more, “I want to be positive,” because that is too broad and you’re likely to feel that you missed the mark.  (I know I have.)  Instead, focus on one attitude each week and write about it on the following Monday to let us know what you’re doing and if it’s working.”

I’ll be tying these back to my five overarching goals because they still feel like the best descriptions of what I’m trying to do with this life-improvement effort. So this upcoming week, I’ll be focusing on improving an attitude tied to living in a home that fits the best of us. I’ve been struggling with this, swinging back and forth between feeling that our house is starting to be awesome, and feeling like the to-do list is endless.

Care to join us?