Back in Play

In which I am excited to put the goal to visit my new family member (#61) back in play.

I’m thrilled tonight to re-open a goal that I’ve already completed twice — visit my new nephew! I visited my first nephew, have visited several times with my second nephew, and am now planning a first visit to my new NIECE! She arrived today, with impeccable timing, to meet her happy family. Everyone outwards from the parents are just over the moon, and I can’t wait to see her as soon as I can.

I am excited all over again. I love hanging out with the babies themselves, of course, but it is most fun to see everyone change around the wee ones. My husband is familiar, hilarious, and different. My parents and my in-laws are thrilled, possessive, and proud. My sibling and siblings-in-law are the same as they ever were, but suddenly they seem happier — more capable — more THEM than they were before.

This time, though? I can’t wait to see my first nephew be a big brother. I know there will be moments and challenges for him — for the whole family — ahead, but I am excited to see him in the first days of his new role. I guess this goal came around full circle after all.


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