Exercise, we meet again…

In which I post my progress on the Wii Fit (#17).

wii fit

After a bit of a break during the house stuff, I’m getting back into my exercise routine, starting today. (I know I sound like a broken record here, but the house seriously sucked any and all energy and free time I had.  I’m taking my life back, one bit at a time!)

I’m going to spend at least a week working on the wii fit doing my yoga routine with a few of the cardio exercises. I’ll work for at least 30 minutes and 100 calories each day, then move back to my EA Sports Active 2 when I can find the USB drive that needs to be in the wii — I’ve misplaced it over the move, but I have high hopes that I’ll find it soon. (I have vague memories of the hubs saying “I’ll put it right here…”, but no idea where that might be. Here’s hoping that he does!) This may actually turn out to be a bit of a blessing in disguise, allowing me to ease in without feeling like I’ve lost too much of my edge from last summer.

Right now, I’m about six pounds away from my goal weight, which means that I’ve lost about 20 pounds over the past year, resulting in a drop of a little more than two pants sizes.  Woohoo! I’m still six months away from my original goal date, so I’m feeling like this is possible. I’m about halfway through my goal of 150 hours on my wii-enabled exercise programs, so I’m going to be working hard to knock that out before the end of my 1001. I think I can just make it, if I’m really diligent.

Anyone else making new year’s resolutions or renewed efforts for happiness through health? I’d love to hear about it and encourage each other.


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