Seeking Financial Grace

In which I revisit my search for financial grace and start getting our joint finances in order so we can talk with a financial planner (#33).

moneymoneymoneyAt some point this month, the hubs expects a small pay adjustment, and I am hoping against my better judgement for a slightly larger one. (Can’t help but hope!) Combined with our changing bills for the new house, the new cap on IRAs, and the new plans and hopes for which I want to specifically save, January is looking like a great month for me to check in with my money management plans. Over the next couple of Saturdays, I’ll be tracking our spending on food and gasoline, and updating my google spreadsheet to make sure that all our monthly expenses and paychecks are accurately reflected. I’ll be adjusting my personal savings and increasing my retirement savings. I’ll be checking in and updating my insurance inventory and purchasing flood insurance for the house. Working on buying the house made me late on checking in on my credit as I had scheduled, so I’ll be making the overdue check this month and updating that schedule.

At the end of the month, I hope to have a better picture of where I am financially, and more effective priorities for the next year. I know that I need to focus on building up a rainy-day cushion that would cover our monthly expenses. I’ve always contributed to it, but never made much headway. I’m making it a priority this year to save up six month’s worth of expenses for my own peace of mind.

Beyond that, I’m at a bit of a loss. In the coming months, I plan to call into a financial planner that we can talk to for free through our insurance and get some advice on next steps and some validation that I’m taking all the steps that I can right now.

Feel like taking this challenge with me and check in on your own finances this month? I can’t wait for that great feeling at the end of the month — I just love feeling like I’ve got a handle on my money, even when I come away with a to-do list for the future.


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