Friday Photo Double Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I am excited to have the holidays all in one photo grouping. I really enjoyed the break from our chores and worries, and I’m glad to have the photos as a reminder of all the fun I’ve had over the past couple of weeks. Can’t wait to see what photos 2013 brings!

2012-12-22 Christmas 1

Dec. 22 – The hubs and I celebrated our first Christmas in our new house, and it was a lovely day (and a really good meal!)

2012-12-23 Farkle!

Dec. 23 – We spent some time playing the new dice game — Farkle — that the hubs included in my stocking before driving over to my in-laws that night after dinner.

2012-12-24 Williamsburg

Dec. 24 – Some of the family out enjoying the Christmas tree lighting in Williamsburg before Christmas dinner with the hubs’ whole family.

2012-12-25 Family bonding

Dec. 25 – We had such a great Christmas day. This little guy was always in motion, so I love that he’s moving so much he’s blurry here. The hubs is holding him up so that he can see himself in the mirror above the fireplace. Apparently, it is awesome.

2012-12-26 Museum

Dec. 26 – Our great free art museum around here is unfortunately going to be closed for construction for the next 16 months, so the hubs and I went out to a celebration they hosted as a goodbye. They had good food, drinks, and sales in the gift shop. They also had already started moving out some of the larger art installations, so they had some interesting new visiting stuff. This is a collection of cameos the artist made of her friends’ Facebook profile pictures, grouped by a rough geography, including a chain that led to the other side of the room for her friends in New Zealand. It was very interesting, and the night was just fantastic. We’ll definitely miss having this available next year.

2012-12-28 cookbook

Dec. 28 – We had a nice, slow day relaxing, which still feels like we’re forgetting some big project that we should be working on. The hubs spent some time writing while I went through one of my new cookbooks and flagged a ton of new dishes that I’m excited to make for dinner in the coming weeks. It was so pleasant, and really got me excited for cooking again — I’ve missed it these past months.

2012-12-29 Cookie Stash

Dec. 29 – I spent some time making batches of the cookies that my family makes each year. Both my sister’s family and my parents traveled over the holiday, so I thought cookie trays would be a nice supplement to our gifts. It left us with a massive cookie stash of our own when combined with the cookies from my in-laws, which we are slowly chipping away.

2012-12-30 Christmas 3

Dec. 30 – Our third Christmas was just as nice as our other two, even if it was a little bit shorter. We had a great meal and lots of fun celebrating my nephew’s first Christmas (well, this was his second Christmas of the year, but it still counts.)

2012-12-31 New Year's Eve

Dec. 31 – And 2012 came to a close right here in the quiet of our own home. I made a bunch of munchies (check out that cookie platter) and we hung out with my brother-in-law, drinking and playing games into the night.

2013-01-01 New Year's Day

Jan. 1 – Since I am incapable of sleeping very late, no matter what time I was up the night before, I had some time to myself in the morning. I welcomed the new year by curling up by our fireplace and reading through the other new cookbook I got recently. It was quiet and rejuvenating. I really loved the mood of it as a start to a new year — quiet, busy with pleasant work, and cosy. I think 2013 will be awesome.

2013-01-02 Back to Work

Jan. 2 – And back to reality — this room will need to house my nephew in a few short weeks, so I started to tackle the remaining unpacking. (It’s not as bad as it looks, since a lot of that is a huge pile of boxes that just need to be recycled, and there’s at least three boxes of stuff that I collected to be donated.)

2013-01-03 Worse before better

Jan. 3 – Luckily, I believe that things have to get worse before they get better — this looks like a disaster area right now! I unpacked the rest of the boxes for the office and finally set up my computer dock and got my work computer back to my normal set up. It was such a change to use a full-size mouse after two months of the tiny travel one! The boxes are now organized and waiting to be unpacked onto bookshelves that I plan to buy next weekend.


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  1. How awesome to spend the holidays in your new house! It looks like it was nice 🙂

    Did the tree lighting go better this year? Declan is adorbs! What an interesting art piece! And Sammy :heart melts:!

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