550? Probably not…

In which I check in on my goal to have more than 550 posts on this blog (#42).

Back in 2011, I suspected that this was one goal I could blow out of the water. I was fresh off my first month of posting every day, and I thought I’d be able to keep up momentum to post on over half of the days I would work on my 101. That … did not happen.

This is my 247th post on the blog. Which means that to complete this goal, I’d need to post 303 times over the 268 days that I have left in my 1001. I doubt that I’ll match the number of posts from my first 101 list (394).

But I’m not displeased with how posting has been going. I included this goal on my list to help me gain some momentum. I refuse to be sorry that life got in the way of blogging, since I am confident in the work that I’ve done on my goals. And I’d much rather be out living my improved life than focusing so much on writing about it.


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