A Treat of a Haircut

In which I got my hair done for an occasion (#51) and found a salon to be loyal to (#97).

2012-12-08 housewarming

I am really terrible about keeping up with haircuts. I typically end up getting my hair cut about twice a year, and trimming my own bangs in the intervening time. I’ve never much minded that, but recently, I’ve been mistreating my hair. The ends were especially terrible — they were splitting and I accidentally dipped some portions into house paint that refused to come off with washing. And to be completely honest, I hadn’t been treating the rest of me much better during the black hole months of house hunting and improvements.

So the week before we had our housewarming party, I decided to take some time out for a new haircut at a new salon closer to our new house. I’d been going to a place at the old house that I thought had promise, but I never really felt like it was enough of a treat to justify the expense. The haircuts were just ok, and there wasn’t a lot of atmosphere in the salon to help me relax and feel like a treat.

I found a salon that looked promising, and booked my haircut. I also decided to get a conditioning treatment, something that I’d never considered before. It was surprisingly restful to sit under the heat for fifteen minutes, sipping the hot chocolate (complete with loads of whipped cream!) that they made for me. I enjoyed the lady who cut my hair, and I really felt like she listened to me. It was such a nice break, and I left feeling ready to tackle the last couple of days’ work before the party.

I liked the atmosphere of this place, and plan on returning whenever I get around to another haircut. Though I still styled my hair for our party, I think this was a really good way for me to have my hair done for an event — I was able to focus on getting things ready the day-of, but had the time to re-center myself and get excited for the party a couple of days before. And looking less frazzled made me feel less frazzled.

A double completion also made me feel productive and happy, so I went into our party with a great mindset and had a fun time.