Monthly Missions

In which I catch up and set new missions for the month (#32).

I’m starting out the year with new monthly missions right on time, and a recap of how I did on my November missions and the December missions that never even made it onto the blog. I worked on them, though, and blogging late is better than never in my book.

How’d I do?


1. Complete a blog challenge to court some perceptive. — Complete!
I loved doing this challenge, and need to update my blog challenge page to reflect it. I found it to be pretty interesting to try to find seeds of large goals in specifics each week. I think I might revisit this one before my 1001 is complete.

2. Make a big batch of ginger simple syrup and enjoy many glasses of my favorite winter cocktail. — Complete!
And I’ve done it several more times since.

3. Work on finishing the piece of furniture that I am most excited about for our house. — Complete!
This is our old library card catalog that we’re going to remake into a console for our entryway. I did some work on it, but haven’t yet embarked on the actual build-out from one piece into a whole table. So far, I’ve gotten the wood pretty much aired out and cleaned. I’ll probably need to do a bit more cleaning before I’m ready to add on, but I’ve had such a good time planning this one that I don’t mind taking some time to get it done right.

December: (joy)

1. Get our house ready to host friends and family for a housewarming, and then quit in time to thoroughly enjoy the party! — Complete!
This one was a big challenge for me. I wanted our house to reflect our work and be comfortable for a group of people to enjoy an afternoon. But it was hard not to want everything perfect, or to get caught up in small things that people wouldn’t notice. I think I hit the balance pretty well — I was stressed up until the night before, and worked on getting things ready the morning of, but I got dolled up for and LOVED our party. It was such a nice way to feel like we were actually living there and not just working there.

2. Do some holiday event to feel like it is December — Complete!
And then some. We drove through the Christmas lights at the botanical garden, attended the Christmas tree lighting in Williamsburg, and went to a holiday open house at the art museum before they close for a year of renovation and expansion. I think the event at the art museum was my favorite — I had such a nice time. It was an impressive event and turnout, and I enjoyed the singing, food, bar, art, and on-sale gift shop. It definitely made me feel like I was celebrating, even though I spent the week in between the holidays working.

3. Do something to make my family Christmas more special — Complete!
On the one hand, any Christmas celebration my side of the family had was going to be a new kind of lovely — have I mentioned that my new nephew is the cutest baby under the age of one?!? It was his first Christmas, and we were all excited after hanging out together at Thanksgiving. He’s awesome, of course, but it is also so much fun to see everyone change around him. He makes my family feel so much more relaxed and happy. But on the other hand, we were only going to see each other for a short half-day this year, and my parents were going to be worn out from travelling. I made five batches of cookies, four of which are our standard Christmas traditions, and brought those to the celebration. It made for a lot of baking in conjunction with my in-law’s weekend of cookies, and we’re up to our ears in cookies around here, but it made me really happy.

And that, my friends, means that I completed 6/12 months’ missions on time, and I’ve completed this goal! But I’ve found it really helpful, so I’m going to continue it for the remainder of my list. Here’s next month’s missions, which I’m focusing on grace:

1. Update my blog list and pages to accurately reflect where I am in this 101 project.
I know I need a good clean-up, and I’m ready to take stock of what I can still accomplish as I bring these 1001 days to a close this calendar year.

2. Post every day.
I’ve enjoyed the jump-start of posting every day for the past two Januarys, so I’m excited to face that challenge again. I find that it helps me to re-evaluate what I’m working on and how much time I can devote to focusing on my 101. I’m excited to get a bit of momentum happening in my life again.

3. Unpack the rest of the boxes.
I’m down to a few boxes in the office, and our house will be totally unpacked. I know that I need to just take a weekend and get myself squared away. I’ve been neglecting the space that I spend the most time in because I’m the only one who spends time in it. (Typical.) I refuse to let that continue any further!

Are you making any new year’s resolutions today?