Bonus Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

These pictures don’t feel so terribly late as the ones I posted yesterday, in part because I feel like I just blinked and jumped from the first photo to the last. As I slide into the holiday season, I’m still so glad that I have these moments to look back on and remind me what I’ve been spending all my time and energy on. I look forward to a very Christmas-filled roundup next week — you’ll see from the end of this one that we are finally getting into the spirit here.

2012-12-01 Painting doors

Dec. 1 – I spent the weekend day painting the rest of the doors in our house, which allowed me to finally put our door knobs back on. It was a great return to civilization for us, and I was thrilled to mark that off my to-do list once and for all. (I later cleaned the windows of paint with a razor — I didn’t want to waste time taping all those windows off.)

2012-12-02 Christmas Lights

Dec. 2 – Christmas lights on the house! The hubs had a great idea to put lights on the back deck, so I bought globes that we should be able to use should we ever host a nighttime party out there.

2012-12-03 Lights

Dec. 3 – After a few trips to Target, I learned just how much I underestimated how many lights it would take to decorate the outside of our house. I’ve never had Christmas lights, so I find this very exciting. Hopefully we’ll double down next year and make an even better show.

2012-12-06 New siding

Dec. 6 – Banner day! We finally got our siding replaced after it was torn off in the hurricane. We had trouble getting everything squared away, and even though the new siding messed up the previous-functioning microwave exhaust, it feels good to have a whole exterior again.

2012-12-07 hanging pictures

Dec. 7 – We finally spent some time on my personal favorite way to make things feel like home — we hung most of our art and pictures. There are a few pieces still waiting on other projects before hanging, but this made a huge difference.

2012-12-08 housewarming

Dec. 8 – We hit the one-month-mark  in our house this weekend, and had a lovely housewarming gathering to celebrate. We loved having people over, and benefited from having a deadline. It feels like a house we can actually live in, not just complete projects in!

2012-12-09 deck sitting

Dec. 9 – We were faced with a warm day and no projects to do — cue sitting out on our deck with the lovely Katie W., drinking a positively obscene amount of wine. It was perfect.

2012-12-10 back to office

Dec. 10 – And then it was off on business trips that ate up the rest of the week. It was much easier packing to spend a few days in the office now that I can fit back into my old work clothes! A perfect nudge to get back to exercising before I undo all my hard work.

2012-12-15 cookie weekend

Dec. 15 – We headed out to the hubs’ parents’ place for our annual cookie baking weekend. We made ten batches of cookies, for a total of twelve (and counting) types of cookies for the year. It was wonderful, as always, despite a few cookie mistakes.

2012-12-16 dogs

Dec.16 – Cookie weekend continued, but we had a bit more time for some loving with the family dogs.

2012-12-17 Christmas tree decoration

Dec. 17 – Time to focus on decorating our tree! We put up our special ornaments with just a few of the more generic balls this year — I was trying to be reasonable. It was a great night with Christmas music and strong drinks.

2012-12-18 Lights in Garden

Dec. 18 – Then it was time to use our membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and drive through their light show, which boasted a million bulbs. We enjoyed a dinner out afterwards, so it was a nice break to reconnect with the outside world a bit.

2012-12-20 Wrap presents

Dec. 20 – Thank goodness we got some of our Christmas presents back on our Ireland vacation in May! I managed to keep track of them through the move, and I finally got around to doing some wrapping. Halfway there!


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  1. Haha, I don’t tape windows either 🙂
    Loved everything about the housewarming!
    Super excited you fit old clothes! I fell off the wagon with lots of cinnamon toast while home 😦
    So many cookies! And groomed dogs!
    Love the tree pic!
    Want to visit those gardens!
    Yay Christmas!

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