I Have my Moments: Week 2

In which I reflect on the past week for a challenge I issued to myself, Katie W., and the best friend.

These are the moments that struck me from last week…

… to live in a home that fits the best of us.
This week, even though we have a ton of large projects that we’ve not started around the house yet, I spent a lot of time working on the small, finishing touches for the projects we’ve already got in progress. It’s really tempting to just call things “good enough” and move on, but I’m excited by how much of a difference those little touches make. The extra hour at the end of projects is consistently raising my level of enjoyment of them — especially this week.
… to feel awesome.
I struggled to think of a moment for this when I first jotted down notes for this post. I haven’t been feeling all that awesome lately, but I think that isn’t entirely true. I just haven’t been feeling that consistent lately, and somehow that translates to consistently bad in my head. But upon further reflection, I realized that there were a lot of bright and fun spots in the week. So, this week I’m citing the moments when I made the hubs and myself laugh and enjoy each other. That is an awesome feeling, no matter how fleeting it is.
… to have routines that support but not restrict me.
Last week, I slowly returned to the land of the meal planning, and it has been extremely helpful. I don’t stress as much, and we certainly eat better when we don’t have to come up with the ideas at the last, tired, frustrated minute. This week is easy with Thanksgiving, but I’m hoping that I can continue to reconnect with my old supportive routines, including meal planning, over the course of this month.
… to be active and present in my life.
I took a bit of a break on Saturday morning this weekend to stay in bed pretty late and have a bit of a lazier start to the day. It was the first time in what feel like forever that the hubs and I have really lined up on feeling present in our crazy, to-do-list-ridden lives. It was a breath of fresh air, and I got up early on Sunday with new energy and enthusiasm for our projects.
… to live broadly.
Once again, I’m thinking about reading broadly. I recently flew through Double Cross: The True Story of the D-Day Spies. In a few short days, it added to my conversations and trains of thought immensely. Double-crossing spy PIGEONS, guys. I think I need not say more. I love that even when I am feeling like my life has narrowed to a very small, four-bedroom focus, I can learn something new to bring up a dinner and challenge the way I see the rodents of the bird world.

One thought on “I Have my Moments: Week 2

  1. Ugh, work is a butthole right now, so I’m taking a moment to regroup and respond to this awesome post!

    A – Truly impressed by your commitment to go beyond “good enough”! It inspires me and makes me all the more excited to put on MY Boden dress for your housewarming 🙂

    B – I agree, it is SO easy to forget the good moments! But I absolutely think those moments are awesome and I’m glad that you have moments of awesome even when the overall mood is ehh.

    C – So glad you’re able to get back into your routines 🙂

    D – Yes! Go you! You’ve certainly earned a late morning and I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    E – I still really love this approach to broadness. I did not know about the double-crossing spy pigeons. I saw the pigeon exhibit at the spy museum but my brain had died at that point. Also, the rodents of the bird world?? That seems harsh, but mostly true. There was a pigeon IN Union Station when I picked Bro up which made me laugh. And later in the city we saw a woman feeding the pigeons just like in Mary Poppins. Then something spooked them and the whole flock took off and I laughed because I thought of Lauren. Haha, fear of birds.

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