Friday Photo Double Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I’ve got two weeks of daily photos to post, minus one mysterious missing day. The past two weeks have been extremely hectic, but we’ve come a long way already in the new house, and I think this weekend will push things over into feeling like a place that we’re living rather than a place that we’re squatting in with all of our boxed stuff. Just in time for us to have a bit of a real life over the first holiday of the season. Time has flown by, and I can’t believe it is already mid-November.

And now for a TON of photos:

Nov. 3 – As we had the house cleaned, the hubs and I hung out in our cold garage. I painted the shelves from our various closets while the hubs finished drilling and adding the new bathroom drawer hardware — completing my big project for the new house!

Nov. 4 – The hubs and I spent a long time repainting the doors upstairs to match the newly painted trim, trying to finish ahead of the carpet cleaning I’d scheduled for Tuesday. It was a lot of work, but the doors really look worlds better.

Nov. 5 – Putting the new door knobs on the painted doors upstairs was the last chore I completed before really changing my attention over to the move.

Nov. 6 – I spent about an hour voting in the morning, and watched a little of the election coverage that night before succumbing to my relatively early bedtime habit.

Nov. 7 – Just one of the stacks of boxes that we packed and moved ourselves in a (successful) attempt to save money.

Nov. 8 – Our last, box-filled night in our rented townhouse.

Nov. 9 – Moving day!

Nov. 10 – We were lucky enough to have my parents come down for the first weekend in the house, where they helped us unpack a ton of stuff. My mother helped me shelf paper and set up the kitchen. No more paper plates and bottled water for us…

Nov. 11 – After helping us unpack, my parents treated us to a trip to the commissary so we could restock our bare pantry at a discount. It feels great to have food in the house again!

Nov. 12 – I woke up in the morning to a lot of fog coming off our lake and making things seem like a great day to get back in bed and curl up with a book. (Instead, I unpacked.)

Nov. 13 – Due to a computer failure, I’d been stuck working off my blackberry for two weeks. This was surprisingly NOT restful, since I felt like I spent all day fielding questions and complaints about things I could neither see nor fix.

Nov. 14 – We are replacing the backing of our inexpensive bookshelves with beadboard, to add a little bit of texture to the rooms and stability to the bookcases. This was the first of eight bookshelves — I would have preferred a shot of us in action, but my tripod is still packed somewhere. I opted for a glimpse of how things will look once unpacked instead. ooo…

Nov. 15 – I spent some time before work moving the furniture in my office around a few more times to try to find the best position that didn’t interfere with the window, doors, and didn’t have too much glare on my screens. I think this uninspired arrangement wins for now, so I can begin unloading all the boxes this weekend.


One thought on “Friday Photo Double Roundup

  1. Holy boxes Batman! Good for you getting it done and saving almost 1/2! Truly awe-inspiring.

    Now, can you see me jumping up and down? I’m DYING to get down there and squeeze you both like there is no tomorrow! I don’t know why this whole process makes me so excited but I can already see all the work and love you’ve put into this house and it’s amazing. You didn’t get lazy and say “forget it” and I admire that. (I sure would have!)

    I CANNOT wait for December 8th! And I may cry… Like, seriously. The glimpses alone are so beautiful!

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