I have my moments: A Challenge

In which I set a blog challenge to the best friend and the lovely Katie W.

My 101 list is, and has always been, an effort to challenge myself in ways that I think my life lacked. This go-around, I’m sharing the experience with two lovely friends, and we’ve added blog challenges to the mix to keep our minds and efforts focused on the larger picture that all the small goals are hopefully helping to create. To that end, over a year ago, we each identified five big-concept things that we wanted. The details of our 101 projects are all helping us attain these larger goals, these definitive ways we want to change ourselves and our lives for the better.

Over the next month, we’ll be revisiting the five big-concept things that we want from the first challenge, seeing if they still feel true, and then trying to find one action, thought, or experience each week for a month that represents progress towards each of the five. We’re hoping to find the seeds of what we want in our current, overwhelming, perhaps less-than-ideal lives.

Back in August, 2011, I determined that I want…

… to live in a home that fits the best of us.
… to feel awesome.
… to have routines that support but not restrict me.
… to be active and present in my life.
… to live broadly.
I’m so happy to revisit these larger themes. I remembered the concepts, but found myself agreeing with my descriptions of each of these ideas again. I think these goals fit me as well now — if not better — than they did then. I feel like I’ve made some progress on each of these concepts, but I couldn’t necessarily point to anything in particular. I’ll be hoping to spend the next month finding one small particular each week that speaks to these goals.
I invite you to take the challenge along with us. I think it will be a nice lead-in to the holidays, improving our states of mind before a joyful and stressful season. Who’s in?

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