Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I’ve written this intro a few times already, and nothing feels right. So, today, I’m jumping right in.

Oct. 26 – Not only have I been re-staining the bathroom cabinets, I’ve been creating modern art!

Oct. 27 – This is a triumph! The hubs and I switched out the light in the dining room for the light that used to be in the kitchen, adding a ceiling medallion to cover the damage on our ceiling from a previous ceiling medallion. We wired it up, added a dimmer switch, and everything worked after the first try!

Oct. 28 – This is my husband, standing in a hurricane, looking at the siding stripping off our new house. The week before we move in. Sigh.

Oct. 29 – The pond in our backyard had only risen about a foot and a half at this point, so the hubs and I decided that there was no chance that the water would rise high enough to get to our house. Then we promptly started putting things up on risers because we figured with our luck, we’d cursed ourselves. Better safe than sorry!

Oct. 30 – I spent a good amount of time in our newly-painted, cheerful master closet, working on setting up our new closet shelving system. This is the semi-final version, which I tweaked just a little bit before locking it all in. I’m thrilled with how it is shaping up — I think we’ll have a ton more room and functionality.

Oct. 31 – Though I always enjoy handing out candy to the younger trick-or-treaters, this year was just not going to happen. Instead, I ran out to Target last minute and got candy and jack-o-lanterns to leave out on both our front porches. A disappointing, but reasonable approach.

Nov. 1 – We are into the crunch time before the move. My to-do list has been broken down into days — this was the first night that I felt like large amounts of work were actually getting us ahead. Sure, we didn’t eat dinner until 9:30, but look at all the things I could cross off!


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. I actually like the modern art, a lot! 🙂

    Everything looks so amazing! I’m loving the colors and the medallion is so fun. I CANNOT WAIT!

    Congrats you two! I’m so proud and happy for you!

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