Monthly Missions

In which I set new missions for the month (#32) — ON TIME!

And we head into another month. November will bring a lot of changes, so I’m excited to have pulled it together enough to identify monthly missions at the start of the month. But I’m getting ahead of myself — what happened to October?

1. Complete #89 (do a crafty/handy project for our new home) again. — Complete
Ok, technically this one is a BIT off. My schedule was to reassemble the cabinets yesterday, thus allowing me to complete the project on time. Unfortunately, we had this little hurricane that threw me off. We spent a lot of time picking up pieces of our siding and dealing with the insurance company rather than working on our planned to-do list. I’m counting the goal as completed, since the pieces are all sealed and ready to go, just waiting for the hinges to be reattached tonight and tomorrow, which is the same week as October, so I’m counting it.

2. Get everything scheduled. — Complete!
And a BIG relief. Now we;re just rolling down the home stretch to our move. Whatever we get done at the new house is bonus, since we’re all set to move in next week!

3. Go on a date. — Complete
Again, the hurricane changed this one slightly. Instead of going out on a date, we spent a rain-soaked afternoon drinking strong drinks and playing board games. But it was lovely time with each other that didn’t involve a to-do list, so I’m counting it!

In November, I’m focusing all my energy on grace.

1. Complete a blog challenge to court some perceptive.
More on this tomorrow.

2. Make a big batch of ginger simple syrup and enjoy many glasses of my favorite winter cocktail.
The weather has been cooling off considerably here, so I think it’s time to buy some more basic whiskey and mix up a few warming drinks to aid with the unpacking and planning. Taking a bit of time out of the craziness to concoct my favorite syrup, and then some time on the worst nights for that cocktail ritual, adds up to sanity to me.

3. Work on finishing the piece of furniture that I am most excited about for our house.
We have the idea in mind, but it’s going to take some work and luck to pull it off — keep your fingers crossed, won’t you?