Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

And here it is, the first week that I don’t have photos for each day. Life happens, and I am not going to penalize myself, just continue on with the six months of the goal. Here’s what I do have:

Oct. 20 — My in-laws came to help with a few things at the house, which I greatly appreciated. All hands on deck to help us hang the new overhead light in the kitchen, a purchase I was so excited about that I made it the day we closed on the house. Woohoo!

Oct. 21 — A trip to see a friend from college had the added fun of being able to stop in and see my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew for dinner. Such cuteness!

Oct. 22-23 — Caught a bit of a bug, so the hubs and I were under the weather for a few days.

Oct. 24 – One night of dog sitting translated into a one walk and a whole lot of loving.

Oct. 25 – And the packing begins with the books. We’re packing what we can, and possibly moving things over to the house ourselves. Anything we pack and move early translates directly into money saved, but I’m not willing to stress out about it either. I’m looking at anything we can get done as a bonus. One day of packing and three bookshelves down — halfway through the books!


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. I hope I didn’t get you sick 😦

    These are still great photos! I like the mix of getting stuff done and having some time for babies and dogs 🙂

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