Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

I should have guessed that these photos would often be the only thing I’m blogging these days — but I do have other things waiting to be written and posted! My entire life isn’t captured in the daily photos… but you do get a good sense of how the work on the new house has taken over like a monster, right? We are nearing the end of that intensity, and are both so ready to just get into the house and start making it feel like a home rather than a looming to do list. Think of the variety of pictures I might have when every moment isn’t spent on a project of some sort!

I’m exaggerating. I had a whole lovely weekend where none of my moments were spent on a project. Instead, they were spent on wine tasting, playing games, eating great food, and laughing with great people.

With that said, let’s get to last week, shall we?

Oct. 12 – This is the face the hubs gave me when I told him to wait while I took my daily picture before he ran back out to finish listening to the Nationals game on the radio. Moments after this, they BLEW IT spectacularly and about killed him. I knew I had to get that picture before he went back out! (Please don’t even suggest that I somehow created the karma that led to their loss. He might stop talking to me.)

Oct. 13 – This is my favorite daily picture so far. Sitting my the fire after a long day of drinking at a wine festival was so peaceful and it was wonderful to be hanging out with good friends who don’t even need to talk to have a good time.

Oct. 14 – Home after a weekend away that was just what we needed to reset our minds for the end stretch of this working on the house and moving process — we’re over half-way there! This is probably the last time we’ll return to the townhouse after a weekend away.

Oct. 15 – One significant rain storm launched replacing our back storm door to the top of our to do list. We realized that so much water was getting through the old door’s weather-stripping that it was leaking in around our inner door’s knob. Since it could be contributing to the small amount of mold in the adjacent wall that we’re getting fixed — have to get this replaced sooner rather than later!

Oct. 16 – This was a night of shopping — first we did the obligatory nightly work on the house by going to Lowe’s again, but then we headed out to pick up some toy trains that my mother-in-law found on Craig’s List and wanted to add to her collection of fun things for my nephew to play with at Grandma’s.

Oct. 17 – The hubs adding the newest faucet in our collection to the guest bathroom. One more faucet change to go! He’ll be a pro by the end of the next one.

Oct. 18 – I have reached the first of my “finishing” milestones in the adventure of refinishing the cabinets in all out bathrooms — I’ve completed the topcoat on the vanities themselves and the drawers. Pulling off the painter’s tape had me holding my breath, but I’m really pleased by how it looks so far. Still about four more “finishing” moments to reach before this project is really done, but I’m relieved to see the light at the end of this tunnel.


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. I’m not sure I can express how much I look forward to these round ups!

    I can’t believe you’ll be in the house soon! It’s so exciting! Everything seems to be coming along beautifully. Love the faucet!

    AND, I love those train sets! I want to play with it!

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