Monthly Missions

In which I set new missions for the remaining two weeks of this month (#32), a new bad habit I’m working on.

Man, the days are just flying by! I’m very excited to move into the new house and have only unpacking to worry about. (Of course, we might have a few lingering projects as well, but at least we’ll be able to just crash there when we’re done rather than driving back across town.)

Let’s check in on the September missions, yes?

1. Nail down paint colors for our house. Complete!
I’m ridiculously excited about all of the five colors we’ve chosen for our house. I think they fit our style and personalities, and will make our walls welcoming and interesting.

2. Post about each of the goals that I’ve worked on or completed over my radio silence. Complete!
I completed the posts from my lists, but have created another small backlog while doing so. I’m giving up on all blogging goals until the new year, when hopefully things will slow down again.

3. Update our insurance inventory. Complete!
I’m still looking at what more I can do on this (scanning in receipts so that we don’t lose those in a disaster, for one thing) but I’ve updated it with our new furniture and we are good to move!

Completing my September missions means that I still have a shot at completing this goal in this calendar year — I just have to complete all my monthly missions from now on! But I don’t need that vision to prompt me to be as reasonable as possible in the coming months, I have my stress level to do that.

And, now, October missions, which I have been working on all month, just didn’t post until now.

1. Complete #89 (do a crafty/handy project for our new home) again.
As I’ve mentioned extensively before, I’ve been hard at work re-staining our bathroom cabinets to update them. I’ve done research, and all stages of the project by myself for all three bathrooms. I can’t wait to finish this up over the next two weeks and see the finished product. I think it will be a big impact. I’m excited that with all the projects we’re tackling together — with the hubs generally taking the lead — I’ll be able to point to something in our house that was all me.

2. Get everything scheduled.
We are still hiring out a bit of work that is beyond our capacities (adding fold-down attic stairs) or patience (cleaning up the disgusting mess the previous owners left), and we’ve got to schedule our movers. The sooner we can get everything scheduled, the easier I will sleep at night.

3. Go on a date.
Because all this work can easily eat our entire lives, and I refuse!