Friday Photo Roundup

In which I post my daily photos in an attempt to be more mindful (#9).

Once again, this is a whole lot of glimpses of the work we’ve been doing around the new house. Other than yelling at the baseball playoff on the radio, that’s pretty much my “free” time these days. I’m at that strange crossroads where the stuff that has started to come together is really gelling, but the stuff that hasn’t come together yet is overwhelming. Luckily, I know that next week’s roundup will have a few nice distractions in it!

Oct. 5 – We enjoyed dessert and some puppy love time with a college friend and her hyper pooch. (Please note: this photo is deceptive.)

Oct. 6 – Since we knew we had a long weekend of work ahead of us, I made it a point for us to get outside and enjoy our future neighborhood while the weather was nice. We started here, our deck and backyard, and took a long walk around a nice path and the pretty main road in the subdivision. It was nice to take a step back and remind ourselves the other half of what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Oct. 7 – Another big shopping trip for odds and ends for the house, including a new convertible ladder! Now we can get into our attic and can start touching up the paint on the ceilings, changing the overhead light fixtures, and other fun chores.

Oct. 8 – After a big last effort and a few lucky pulls of large sections of tile, the hubs finished pulling down the backsplash. Right now it looks like of crazy because the drywall needs to be resurfaced, but it already makes such a big difference when we are actually in the room.

Oct. 9 – Hard at work on re-staining the doors to the various bathroom cabinets. I’ve done between three-four coats on each surface, so this is what I’ve looked like for at least part of all the evenings we’ve been over at the house. Can’t wait to get going on the top coat and add our new knobs and pulls!

Oct. 10 – I couldn’t possibly spend all this time updating the vanity cabinets from all our bathrooms and leave the hinges untouched, could I? But there was really no need to spend money on new ones for all those doors. Oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to the rescue! Once painted, they blend right in with the cabinets.

Oct. 11 – We (mostly the hubs) updated the faucet in the downstairs half bath. We didn’t put in the nice mirror, but you can get a glimpse of the stain and how it will look when everything is reassembled. At least, I can see it in my head when I look at this picture.


One thought on “Friday Photo Roundup

  1. Oh Sydney! I love that crazy mutt! (Although she is all pure-bred and what not.)

    And again, every house picture leaves me all excited inside with a sense of being settled. I know, it’s totally weird because it’s NOT my house, but I’m just so damn happy for you two! And SERIOUSLY impressed by all the work you’re putting in!

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