Tough Love

In which I go through all my clothes with a critical eye (#34).

I have been looking around my house with a ruthless eye recently, since I don’t want to move and unpack anything that doesn’t enhance my life. (Of course, I’m sure we’ll be creating a donate pile as we unpack and attempt to find a place for everything we own, but if I can cull things out now, I will.)

To that end, I went through all of my non-winter clothes and pulled out a lot of stuff. I was still holding on to things because it could be cute, or maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance… it is really hard for me to let things go because of the guilt factor. But I think I was fairly ruthless this time, and I hope that I will be able to fit everything I own into one closet and one dresser in our new house, since the closet space is much larger.

I would be really excited to have everything available at once, and I would love to have a closet full of things that truly make me happy, flatter me, and make it easy to dress gracefully each day. I’m hoping to get my wardrobe reduced to contain only things that I love.

I’ll have to do one more closet clean-out when I pull out the winter sweaters and things before I can mark this goal completed. But I am on the right track, and I don’t miss anything I’ve identified for donation.


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